Tuesday Update! (12/10 Conference Promos and CC Selections!)

Hello! Lots of good stuff this week. First off, we have made our selections for Community Consultant / Logistic Coordinators for 2020. They will begin their roles on January 1st. Those selections are: Australia/NZ Mark Brown Brazil Bruna Chiochetta Europe – East Georgi Benev Greater China Hans Wang Hispanic-America North Omar Gonzalez Hispanic-America South Adrián […]

List of Community Consultant/Logistics Coordinator Applicants

Hello! Below you will find a list of all the Applicants for the Community Consultant/Logistics Coordinator role, separated by region. If you have any feedback about the candidates you’d like to share before we make our selections, please email me directly at Nicolette@JudgeAcademy.com with the Subject “CC Feedback”. All feedback, both positive and negative, will […]

Community Fridays! (10/11 – Community Consultants)

For Community Friday, I thought we’d introduce some of our Community Consultants! Part 1: ———————– Name: Nicholas (Nik) Zitomer Region: USA – South Favorite Format: Pauper Fun Fact about yourself: I’m a Mycotoxicologist by day, and can talk your ear off about all things fungi 🙂 ———————– Name: Jack! (the exclamation point is silent) Region: Europe – North […]