Community Fridays! (10/11 – Community Consultants)

For Community Friday, I thought we’d introduce some of our Community Consultants! Part 1: ———————– Name: Nicholas (Nik) Zitomer Region: USA – South Favorite Format: Pauper Fun Fact about yourself: I’m a Mycotoxicologist by day, and can talk your ear off about all things fungi 🙂 ———————– Name: Jack! (the exclamation point is silent) Region: Europe – North […]

A Greeting from Tim Shields

Welcome to Judge Academy. For many of us in the MTG community, this is a moment of change and revitalization. Change creates emotion. Everyone in the Judge community has feelings about this change. Some are positive and excited about the changes. Some are cautiously optimistic. And for some, we’ll need to start from scratch building […]