With summer coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about the end of year conferences! Just as we did last year, Judge Academy will be allowing each region to organize a sponsored End of the Year Celebration conference during the month of December. 

This will be a special digital conference type that can be run in addition to other normal December conferences that might also be approved in that region. For this type of conference, the attendee support pack will be the two presenter promos from this year (No Mercy & Growing Rites of Itlimoc). Applications for sponsorship to organize one of these events for your region will open on September 1st, so start connecting with your community to find the best date for your region! 

If a language or other barrier would require a region to split into 2 or more conferences, Judge Academy will work with that region to find the best solution. That being said, the cap on attending a max of 1 End of Year Celebration conference will not change.

Requirements/Restrictions for Attendees

  1. Only currently certified Judge Academy Magic Judges, Level 1 or higher, are eligible to receive promo cards.
  2. Promotional support for these conferences is region-locked, and limited to one pack per attendee. Each certified judge can only get promos for attending one End of Year Celebration conference.
  3. Any exceptions to rule 2 can only be made ahead of time at the discretion and with the permission/coordination of the organizers in both your region and the region you wish to attend, and may not result in an attendee receiving multiple sets of attendee support.

For Example: Judge Joan is not able to attend her region’s scheduled conference. She sends an email to her region’s organizer (Abe) and the organizer of another region’s conference (Betty). Betty has space for Joan, so together, the 3 of them work out which organizer will distribute Joan’s support.

  • Joan will only receive 1 attendee support pack, even if she somehow ends up attending both.
  • Only the organizer who distributes/mails Joan’s support will count Joan in their final attendance numbers to Judge Academy.

Requirements/Restrictions for Organizers

  1. The conference must be digitally held in the month of December. 
  2. Sponsorship applications must be submitted by September 25th. Approvals will go out by the end of the month.
  3. Conferences must have at least 3 hours of educational focus, preferably with one of the presentations focused on mentoring, networking, or other community focused content. We also encourage taking some time for games, such as judge trivia. We’ll be providing resources for these as we get closer to the events. Judge Academy knows that some regions will have different ideas on how to best connect their community, so we leave it to the organizer to determine the best format for their area. 
  4. Wherever possible, organizers should use in-region presenters. 
  5. Support should be mailed to attendees within 2 weeks of the date of the conference
  6. Support is as follows, and is in the packs of presenter promos, described above:
    • Attendees in-region = 1 pack
    • Presenters/assistant staff  = 1 additional pack
    • Lead organizers = 2 additional packs
    • Level 3s = 1 additional pack
    • Lastly, lead organizers will get additional packs to thank them for mailing out promos to attendees after the conference, just as they do for other digital events.