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Wyoming winter Judge conference


Judge Conference

Gillette US

Dungeons and Dugouts

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I am pleased to announce a Wyoming judge conference, hosted by Dungeons and Dugouts of Gillette, WY.  The conference will take place on SUNDAY, November 24th.

Judge Conferences are the occasion to meet new people and see old friends, to learn and teach, to share your tips and spread knowledge. They are one of the best opportunities to get good practices and share what works for you. During this conference, short seminars or workshops focused on one aspect of the judge program will be presented by volunteers.

The event will be starting at 9:00am MST and running until 4:00pm, with an hour break for lunch. Lunch will be provided, and please remember to include any dietary restrictions in your application. (A full conference schedule will be presented as soon as possible).

The judge conference is open to anyone, regardless of level or location. This event will be foil-supported for certified judges. (Please note: judges must be L1 by the close of event registration to receive foils. This means either certifed L1+ with Judge academy or a "historical" L1+ judge. Judge candidates or judges who certify after the sign up date (or during the event) will not receive foils.)

Include a short cover letter introducing yourself and why you wish to attend, and make sure to fully answer all questions in the application.

We will see you in Gillette on the 24th!!!


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