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2020 SEA Region Year-Ender Conference

Game:Magic The Gathering
Region:Asia - Southeast
Date/Time (Asia/Kuala_Lumpur):Date(s) - 2020 Dec 12
08:00 am - 12:00 pm
Date/Time (Asia/Kuala_Lumpur):Date(s) - 2020 Dec 12 - 2020 Dec 13
8:00 am - 12:00 pm
Format:Not Applicable
Categories:Judge Conference
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Hello everyone,

We are going to have one last 2020 SEA Region Year-Ender Conference before the end of this year 2020 at the weekend of December 12-13, 2020. There will 4 topics to be presented per day from approximately 8am-12pm.

The platform to be use will be either Zoom or Google Meeting, details will be communicated via email to the all participants.

Foil Support:
This conference will provide foil support to all attendees who are certified members of Judge Academy on or before the closing date of the event. The max capacity for each day of that weekend is 80.

Make sure to submit the application on or before the deadline.

Note, that to be eligible an attendee must be able to attend 50% of the topics for that weekend.

And the attendee must submit at least one quality feedback, to be submitted by December 20, 2020.

For the cover letter, please just let me know who you are, why you’d like to be one of the attendees of this event and what topics are you specifically interested to know more about?

If you’re from outside SEA region, please message me first before applying.

here’s my email address: eying.yew@gmail.com

Thanks everyone

Update(4-Dec-2020) : Presentation schedule

12th December 2020

“Modal Double Face Card”
by Thananatt Narasethapong

“Replacement Effects”
by Tan Zie Aun

“Spreading C’s|Leading as A Judge Examined through The C’s of Leadership”
by Ben Ferrer

“Stress & Emotion|Customer Service Conflict Resolution”
by Kelvin Ganesan

13th December 2020

“Judge Code of Conduct”
by Stephen Jan Gumabao

by Ron Edward Joson

“Organizing Online Events”
by Ronald Allan Caluste

“A Beginners Guide to Content Creation”
by Elpi Kristian “Hikoboshi“ Maaghop

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