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Date(s) - 2021 Oct 07
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Judge Conference

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华中地区2021年裁判会议 Judge conference of Huazhong 2021
会议主题:经验分享和讨论。 Conference theme:Experience sharing
会议将采取线上会议举行,全程将以中文进行。 This conference is a digital event and the presenters are speaking Chinese ONLY.
只有在裁判学院完成认证注册的裁判方可报名。Judge Academy verify judges apply ONLY.
接受报名的顺序为 大中华华中地区裁判—大中华其他地区裁判—其他地区裁判。
造成不便,敬请谅解。apologise for any inconvenience.
会议时间:2021年10月7日 下午13:30-17:30 Conference time: 1:30PM-5:30PM  oct 7th 2021
会议工具:腾讯会议APP。 we are using tencent meeting app as tool.
会议议程安排如下:the conference schedule is as follow.
一、会议开场及裁判互相介绍  1. Introduction of judges。
二、一般级别的执法(演讲人:王宇 )2. Judging regular event(presenter:Wang Yu)
三、调查时牌手心理(演讲人:骆鸣)3. Player psychology in investigation (presenter:Ming Luo)
四、售前现开分享(演讲人:董莎)4. Experience sharing of Prerelese event MID (presenter:Dong Sha and Zhao Lu)
五、自由讨论  5.Free discussion.
the promo foils will be mail to the event organizer , freight will be borne by the organizer,then he will deliever the foil to the Attendees, that part of  the shipment fee shall be paid by attendees.
有任何问题,请与会议主持人联系。(联系人: 骆鸣
For Any question,please do contact the event organizer  (Ming Luo


各位裁判,会议将使用腾讯会议app,房间号为382 806 201,房间将会在大约10月7日13:00左右开放。


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