2021 1st Quarterly South Carolina Judge Conference- The Struggles of Judging and How to Overcome Them.

2021 Feb 20 @ 10:00 am - 4:15 pm

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Date(s) - 2021 Feb 20
10:00 am - 4:15 pm


Hey fellow judges


This is 2021 1st Quarterly South Carolina Judge Conference.


This conference will be themed to The Struggles of Judging and How to Overcome Them.

Schedule is as follows:

10am Intro by Andrew Bailey

1010-1110 First Presentation “Finding Flow” by Nat Graham

1120-1220 Second Presentation “Copy Effects” by Steven Zwanger

1220-1250 Lunch

1250-1350 Third Presentation “Mistakes and How we manage them” by Alex Frank

1400-1500 Fourth Presentation “Steps to Casting a Spell” by Meg Baum

1510-1610 Fifth Presentation “Importance of Self acceptance and the art of listening” by Lon Starkey

1610 Closing

The conference is Judge Academy approved and foil supported for certified judges.

This is aimed at South Carolina judges and South Region but all are invited to apply, attendance cap is 75.


Any judges outside of the contiguous United States wishing to receive foils may be asked to assist with shipping cost.


The primary means of communication for the conference will be Discord but the presentations will be held on Zoom.

Currently the event is full. If any withdraws I will fill with pending applications.

Applications for presenters are currently closed.

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