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Date(s) - 2021 Aug 14
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Charity Event


Thanks for your interest in the Hunter Burton Memorial Open. For the past several years, this event has been a mainstay in the North Texas area, and continues to support Suicide Awareness and Prevention.

Due to the safety precautions required in order to run this event responsibly, we are anticipating having a smaller staff this year than in previous years. While everyone is still encouraged to apply, we will be unable to accept everyone who we would like to have at the event.

Please find below all the information regarding volunteering as a judge for the 2021 event.

Event Info

2021 HBMO Head Judge – David Hibbs

Sunday Modern Large Event Head Judge – TBD

The 2021 tournament will feature the Modern main event, as well as a large competitive event on Sunday. The main event will be played with Swiss rounds on both Saturday and Sunday.

The HBMO and large Sunday event will be run at competitive REL.

We will also be hosting the Jeff Zandi Chaos Sealed event on Sunday afternoon as well.

We’re seeking judges for Saturday and Sunday.

Applications close on July 12th, and the staff will be announced at least 4 weeks prior to the event, by July 16th.


The 2021 event will need judges to fill the following roles. Please indicate on your application which roles you are applying for.

Main Event Team Lead

Floor Judge


Floor Judges will receive 75 prize chips per day. (Boxes of Adventures in the Forgotten Realms will be available for 72 prize chips at the prize wall, along with other sweet goods for purchase with chips).

We’ll be sure to get everyone squared away early on Saturday, so that if you want something special off the prize wall we can make it happen.


To make your weekend easier, we would like to provide lodging at the hotel attached to the venue if needed. After staff is finalized, we will determine what everyone needs and get it booked for you. Expectation should be two judges to a room, and we’ll try to honor whatever requests you have.

Perks and Swag

All volunteers for the 2021 Hunter Burton Memorial Open will receive a swag bag, including the 2021 staff t-shirt, and a bunch of other goodies. We have a catered lunch scheduled for each day.


A small number of judges will be accepted as standby and will receive free entry to the main event or two other events of their choice if not activated.

Setup & Other Volunteering

The HBMO also needs additional volunteers to help with some of our preparation including collating swag bags, and event setup on Friday. We have a small team of volunteers already, but if you’re willing to help out please let us know.

Event Cap

With the lower capacity for players in the event this year, we encourage all applicants who would be interested in playing if not accepted to judge to register early in order to secure a spot.


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If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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