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2021 SEA L1 Development Conference

Game:Magic The Gathering
Region:Asia - Southeast
Date/Time (Asia/Manila):Date(s) - 2021 Jan 16
04:00 pm - 09:00 pm
Date/Time (Asia/Manila):Date(s) - 2021 Jan 16 - 2021 Jan 17
4:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Format:Not Applicable
Categories:Judge Conference
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Hello and welcome,

The 2021 SEA L1 Development Conference will be held on the weekend of January 16-17, 2021. There will be 3-4 topics to be presented per day.

The goal is to promote continuous education and training for all judges of the region.

Like last year’s L1 Development Conference, L2+ judges are encouraged to join the event as well.

List of topics will be posted here soon. – once finalized, a separate google form will be used so that the attendees can select which ones they would like to attend to.

Airmeet will be the platform used and the link will be sent to attendees shortly before the conference date.

If you’re applying as a presenter, please click here:

Foil Support:
This conference will provide foil support to all attendees who are certified members of Judge Academy on or before the closing date of the event. The max capacity of the event for that weekend is 100.

Make sure to submit the application on or before the deadline.

Note, that to be eligible an attendee must be able to attend 50% of the topics for that weekend.

And the attendee must submit at least one quality feedback, to be submitted on January 18, 2021.

For the cover letter, please just let me know who you are, why you’d like to be one of the attendees of this event and what topics are you specifically interested to know more about?

If you’re from outside SEA region, please message me first before applying. Than

here’s my email address: felix.capule@outlook.com

Thanks, everyone

Day 1 January 16, 2021

Track 1

4pm – Qj Wong – Feedback & You

5 pm – Zie Aun Tan – JUDGE!: Helping Players Remotely

6 pm – break

6:30 PM – Ron Joson – Next Leve l Success

7:30 pm – Ivan Petkovic – Conflict Management 101

-9pm- END

Track 2

4 PM – Nathaniel Graham – Thoughts on What Makes a Good Judge

5 PM – Maykel Tan – Creating A Positive Environment

6 PM- Break

6:30 PM – Sugeng Hartawan –  LGS Online Event 101

  • Track 2 will be closed after the 6:30 PM presentation and all participants must transfer to Track 1.

Day 2 Jan 17, 2021

4 PM – Riccardo Tessitori- Building Your Judge Brand

5 PM – Ben Ferrer – The Next Step in the New Normal- Is L2 for You?

6 PM- Break

6:30 PM – Christian Gawrilowicz – Growing Sideways as a Leve 1 (workshop)

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