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Date(s) - 2022 Apr 16
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Application Deadline:  4/8/22 for participants, 4/1/22 for presenter roles

Welcome to the 2022 SoCal Mock Tournament Conference!  This is a foil-supported modern mock tournament on April 16, 2022 at Top Deck Keep in Riverside.

The event will consist of pre-event materials to prepare you to judge a large Competitive REL event, plus 3 rounds of modern and debriefs after each round.  The event is followed by a (not mock) 1K Modern tournament at the shop, for which judges participating in the conference will get a $5 entry discount.  Judges are encouraged to stick around for the tournament!

The available roles for this event are as follows:  (please read carefully before applying!)

Floor Judge:  Floor judges are the main participants in this conference.  Target audience is L1s looking to advance to L2 and newer L2s looking for Competitive REL experience.

Team Lead Presenter:  This role is for experienced L2+ judges and will serve to mentor and lead floor judges through the event and lead post-round debriefs.  This role requires preparation and is a presenter role.

Player Presenter:  This role is for experienced (usually L2+) judges and will serve to prepare and present scenarios in the tournament that will be answered by floor judges.  They will also provide real-time feedback to floor judges and will participate in debriefs.  This role requires preparation and is a presenter role.

Player:  This role is for any judge or non-judge who would like to get a feel for Competitive REL and help out at the conference.  It is NOT a presenter role and requires bringing a modern deck to play.  If you take this role and would like to receive foils, you must be an L1+ judge and you must actively participate in the entire mock tournament, including debriefs, as well as completing the pre-event material.

To apply, please fill out this google form:

Any questions?  Contact Eliana Rabinowitz at

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