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Date/Time (America/Chicago)
Date(s) - 2022 Jul 16
10:15 am - 07:30 pm

MTG: Modern

In-Store Event

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A Rising Star is looking for judges that would like to make our RCQ a fun event for our attendees! This is a Competitive REL Modern event that has a player cap of 64 players but may change to allow for more players.


We are looking for 2 Floor Judges currently (and the possibility of more if the cap is raised). Our hope is to have one Floor Judge who is looking for experience to get to L2 and one who would like to gain experience with Competitive events. Our hope is this will get both judges the feedback and in-person experience to help them with their future goals.


The event is a guaranteed 1K event with prizing going to the top 8 plus the RCQ promos.


Judges will not be responsible for the registration of players but may shadow the scorekeeper to get a better understanding of EventLink and event logistics during the event based on needs on the event floor.


There is the possibility of side events occurring based on player demand and space available.


Floor Judges will be working from 10:15 am until at least the cut to Top 8 (or when their assigned side event is done), which may be over 4-7 hours. Judges will receive lunch (and dinner if the event runs over 7pm). Judges also receive free drinks from the store.


Judge compensation will be dependent on players in attendance at the event, but both floor judges will be guaranteed at least $50 at a minimum. The store will be trying to have some Double Masters 2022 available for compensation or purchase by the judge staff, but it is based on the allocation given to the store.


Applications will close on June 30th. Our hope is to have the judge staff finalized by the beginning of July to allow for proper planning.

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