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Date(s) - 2021 Oct 17
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Judge Conference

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Hello and welcome to the Canadian Fall 2021 Judge Conference!

This conference is a two-track, foil-supported, Discord/Zoom conference and is capped at 120 attendees.

Eligibility and foil support

Foil support is available for Judge Academy certified judges within Canada and presenters. All judges are encouraged to attend for education, but we will be prioritizing acceptance for judges from Canada. Attendees from outside Canada are not eligible for foil support.

In order to be eligible for foils, you must also attend all four presentations and respond to attendance checks. If personal circumstances dictate that you must miss a presentation, please let an administrator know beforehand.


There will be two tracks, each with four presentations. Times will be lined up such that you can switch freely between the tracks during the breaks between presentations. Descriptions for these two tracks are below.

“Sigarda” track

The goal with this track is to cover judging basics, such as common rules interactions, introduction to various policy elements and soft skills, etc- basically things that would be considered to be “normal judge conference” fare. Presenters should have a strong track record of presenting, preferably on varying topics. Further, I would like this track to not cover topics that have been previously covered in Canadian conferences within the past 18 months.

Examples of possible topics:

Road to L2
Combat step
JAR document
Cover letters

“Thraben” track

This track is not necessarily targeted at “more advanced” judges, but the goal is to discuss topics that aren’t “normal judge conference fare”, including topics that might require a high baseline of understanding.

The goal in this track is for judges to be able to engage in “horizontal mentoring” in topics in which they are specific domain knowledge experts, which may be topics which are not seen very often at judge conferences. Presenters in this track should still be strong presenters, but should also have a demonstrated aptitude in the specific topic they choose to present on.

Call for presenters

If you believe that you are qualified, you have a presentation idea that fits these guidelines, and you would like to present, please let me know and describe the presentation in your cover letter. Presenters should apply as soon as possible, and no later than September 19.


This conference will take place on October 17 and start at Noon EST/9AM PST. The exact length and schedule is TBD pending figuring out how long each individual presentation is.

(Cette conférence est pour les arbitres anglophones. Si vous seriez plus comfortable a une conférence en francais, il y a une conférence québécoise.)

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