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Canadian Regional Conference-a-ganza

Game:Magic The Gathering
For questions, contact:tobiasvyseri@gmail.com
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Date/Time (America/Los_Angeles):Date(s) - 2021 May 01
09:00 am - 01:00 pm
Date/Time (America/Los_Angeles):Date(s) - 2021 May 1
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Categories:Judge Conference

Welcome to the second Canadian Regional Conference of 2021!

The feedback form, mailing form and discord link are all in the forums.

This conference is mainly for Canadian judges, but judges from other regions are welcome to apply. The conference is foil-supported and all foils will be shipped via plain white envelope. If you’d prefer tracking, I can do that if you pay for it.

The conference will be run in Discord with two tracks of presentations. Each presentation will have a cap of 40 people.

Presentations are 50-55 minutes long, with five minute intervals in-between to allow attendees to move to different tracks. The presentations in the final time slots will run slightly over an hour.

The presentation list is as follows:

Selesnya Track

9:00 Eleven Investigation Lessons Taught by Among Us – Emilien Wild
10:00 Judge Branding and You – Thomas Conmy
11:00 Rebuilding Community Post Covid – Nathaniel Graham
12:00 Intro to Legacy – Elaine Cao

Azorius Track

9:00 Internet Rules Lawyering – Jovy Eramela
10:00 What Happened in the Year that Didn’t Happen – Isaac King
11:00 Continuous Effects – David Elden
12:00 Replacement Effects – Steven Zwanger

This conference is on May 1st and will begin at:

9:00 Pacific Time
12:00 Eastern Time
18:00 Central European Time

Total runtime is most likely around 4.5 hours. You are not required to stay for the whole time, however I had to decline quite a few attendees so if you feel like you’re not going to be present for at least half the conference runtime, perhaps consider relinquishing your slot to someone who might get more out of the conference. Because the conference is foil supported I will be requiring that you say something (ideally constructive so our presenters can improve) about each presentation you attended with a minimum of two.

See you there!

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