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Following TCG’s very smooth running Secaucus event in August, we have round 2 in Atlantic City.

  • Vaccination no longer required. CDC Guidelines in Effect.
  • Wearing a mask is mandatory to attend the event.
  • For Health and Safety reasons only registered event user will be allowed in the event space.
  • Smartphone is required to enter the venue and participate in events.

The expectation is that this will be a large event, although each main event is capped at 512 right now.  Besides magic (Modern all 3 days, Legacy Sunday) there will also be significant events for Flesh and Blood, Dragon Ball, Pokemon, Digimon, Weiss Schwartz and Vanguard, so if you’re familiar with these games, let us know too.

Positions are available for Friday, Saturday and Sunday in almost any combination.

Check back for more info on potential set up, tear down, administration, etc roles.


You can choose between Cash or product, $150 for an assumed 10 hour shift is the baseline. Head judges for each main event will get 50% additional.


If there’s demand, I could set up a room block at a local hotel (walkable), where all you’ll need to do is put your name on a list and turn up with a payment card.  There are some staff and judge rooms already reserved at the Showboat, the prices vary significantly by night: $60 for Thursday night, $115 Friday, $200 Saturday.  I assume these are 2x queen bed rooms.


A number of standby positions may be available, in this instance, you should report Saturday morning with judge attire and some sleeves with you, and if not needed for staff you can play in the event for free (we should have a good idea of player numbers by then, so it may be that we’ll already have changed your status).

Any questions about the event weekend or applying for this event, please get in contact.  I filled in a phone number and email address, so it should be easy to get me.

I assume this is going to ask for a cover letter as I couldn’t turn it off last time.  Brevity rules.  What you like to do, what experience you have that isn’t covered otherwise, any other pertinent information but I don’t need a life story…


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If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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