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Chicago Mini-Conference

Game:Magic The Gathering
Location:Chicagoland Games: Dice Dojo, 5550 N. Broadway, Chicago
Date/Time (America/Chicago):Date(s) - 2019 Oct 26
10:00 am - 06:00 pm
Date/Time (America/Chicago):Date(s) - 2019 Oct 26
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Format:Not Applicable
Categories:Judge Conference
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Welcome to the application for the Chicago Central Region mini-conference of 2019!  This conference will be hosted by Chicagoland Games/Dice Dojo.  This conference is foil-supported.

The Central USA Region is continuing its successful programs of running a number of smaller conferences throughout the year.  This smaller conference model allows cities without a ton of judges to still have a local conference, expanding the reach of our educational efforts. Because our aim is to allow the most number of unique judges possible to attend a conference in 2019, judges are limited to receiving foils at two events during the year (not counting events at which a judge presents) and attendance priority to a given conference will likewise be given to judges who have attended fewer conferences.

In addition, to be eligible for foils, a judge must be certified by the application deadline. Uncertified judges are still welcome to apply and to attend.


The date of the conference is October 26, 2019

Doors open at 10:00 AM

Conference begins at 10:30 AM


Presentations will include:

Rob McKenzie, presenting on Judge Academy

Lauren Wiltgen and Nat Graham, presenting on Community Building

Steven Briggs, presenting on How To Improve Your Rules and Policy Knowledge

and one more, TBD – watch this space.

Conference Details:

This conference can accept 35 judges.

To be accepted, please write a cover letter, letting us know what you might like to get out of attendance.  Applications with no cover letter will be accepted at a lower priority.  We will also perform rolling acceptances, so be sure to apply sooner than later!

Everyone who applies to the conference will be put as either “attendee” or “standby”.  “Standby” means that, for one reason or another, you are not eligible for foils.  This is only used for tracking attendees’ foil statuses – even if you are marked Standby you are welcome to attend and participate.

Accurate information is the responsibility of the tournament organizer for each of their respective events. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the organizer directly.