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Date(s) - 2022 Jun 24
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The application process will go through this google form:


Information regarding your applications:


All events are run at regular REL. As such, more emphasis will be on customer service and JAR-knowledge for all roles compared to previous JK Entertainment Events.

The “Floorjudge” Role is primarily a training role: If you have very little to no experience working as a judge outside of small FNMs, but you want to take a peek at larger events, this might be for you.

If you already have experience judging mid-sized events, you are likely an “experienced Floorjudge” and should apply as such. You should have good knowledge of JAR, MTR and CR.
If I can give you 20-30 players, and tell you “this is your scorekeeper, please have them play a modern event” and you think you can do that, you definitely are an “experienced floorjudge”.

There are two Teamlead positions, one for the sideevents (Fr, Sat, Sun), one for the main events (Sat, Sun). Teamlead includes leading “your half” of the event and being de-facto Headjudge for it, requiring excellent rules knowledge and organizational skills. Teamleaders are also expected to work with the TO in event preparation and during the event, and as such may be accepted earlier than the application deadline!

Standby Judges get a VIP Package each day they are accepted as Standby unless they are activated for that day in case of staff shortage, in which case they will be considered and compensated as Floorjudges.

Scorekeepers need to use, and therefor be proficient in using, Event Link for all events. In order to prepare for the event, Scorekeepers are expected to work with the TO and Teamleads.

Friday will have a conference open for judges and non-judges. You can attend the conference while on staff on friday, as friday will be half-shifts with half the compensation for all judges except the Teamlead, such that you can attend at least 5 seminars.

Sustenance-wise, JK Entertainment will provide for judges: Breakfast (Bakery-based), drinks, Fruit and cold food throughout the day, and access to the warm buffet (“Baldur’s Buffet”) for dinner.

Compensation per day:
Teamlead – 3 Draft Boxes of the current set
Scorekeeper – 3 Draft Boxes of the current set
Experienced Floorjudge – 1.5 Boxes of the current set
Floorjudge – 1 Box of the current set
Standby – Free entry to 2 constructed / 1 limited event of choice

If the events pre-registration numbers exceed current expectations, there is the option for individual travel stipends for non-local judges. If you wish to get such travel stipends, please note this under additional information at the end of the application, with how much you would need to be able to attend.
!Travel stipends will only be considered if the event exceeds current expectations!

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Accurate information is the responsibility of the tournament organizer for each of their respective events. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the organizer directly.