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Date(s) - 2021 Dec 11
10:30 am - 03:30 pm

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Judge Conference

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We are thrilled to offer the EU North End of Year Conference. This conference is a chance at the end of the year to gather together as EU North community and connect while learning!


We will be running two tracks with a heavy focus on networking and connection and community building. We are also making sure to have multiple game organisers to allow plenty of opportunities to be involved in various fun activities.

We are also interested in presentations which have a focus on the history and learning from the past to build a better future for our region.


This event will be based online, using Zoom for slides and presentations, and text communication we will be using the EU North and UK Conference Server. Based on our format we will be starting 1030 UTC with an estimated end time of presentations being 1450. NB: Due to a bug in the Judge Academy site, it is displaying the incorrect time. The correct start time is 10:30 UTC and not any other time that may appear above this.


This conference is open to EU North judges, store owners, and any other judge-adjacent persons in EU North.

To receive foils from this conference, you must be a Judge Academy certified judge at Level 1 or higher and not be receiving foils from any other end-of-year conference. Judges with a valid claim to multiple regions will be handed on a case-by-case basis. In general, you are welcome to attend conferences in multiple regions, but you may only receive foils from one conference, and you must have a mailing address in EU North to receive promos from this conference.


Applications are closed.

Participation Foils

This event has special foils unique to this event alone.

  • Edgar Markov (New Art)
  • Ezuri, Claw of Progress (New Art + first to foil)
  • K’rrik, Son of Yawgmoth (New Art + first to foil)
  • Mizzix of the Izmagnus (New Art + first to foil)


Time Track 1
1030 Welcome!
1045 By Example – John Barkestedt
Our actions telegraph our values, intentionally or not. Can we use this to our advantage to create a welcoming, inclusive community?
Spoiler: yes, and with no personality transmutation needed. Let’s discuss how, and look at some perhaps counter-intuitive examples.
1145 Break
1200 Hi, my name is… – Aaron Strawbridge
New is always better? Let’s dive into this concept and explore it while talking about when I was helping to establish a new community.
1300 Lunch and brainteasers with Phil Lancaster!
Take your time enjoying your lunch, while Phil leaves some delicious brainteasers for those interested.
We will also open up some breakout rooms on Zoom for smaller group gatherings to chat.
1350 The stories we tell and live. – Maverick Chamberlain
Narrative approaches to seeking alternative meaning in way we see our selves in relation to our community.
How do we see ourselves, how do feel we are seen and what agency do we have to write our own?
1450 The final Quiz of the Year with DLT!
Build your team and test your skills for prizes in the final EUN quiz of the year!
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