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Date/Time (Europe/Berlin)
Date(s) - 2021 Jun 29
07:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Judge Conference

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What is the Policy and Philosophy Discussion Series?

The PPDS is a series aimed towards judges who are pretty familiar with the policy of competitive REL and want to understand the philosophy behind the policy better. It is also meant to be a discussion series where all participants take an active role and also prepare for the topic of the evening. For each topic we will have an expert on the topic who will be able to provide answers and deeper insight.

As the event can’t accomodate for an arbitrary number of participants, the application process is more involved than for a normal conference and happens via a google form.

It will take place on the Europe Central Discord Server and Zoom.

When are the sessions?

The sessions are scheduled to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 19.00 CEST (Berlin time) and we are aiming for about 2 hours each. They will take place on the Europe Central Discord Server and on zoom. Zoom links will be provided via Email in advance of the sessions.

What is the schedule?

June 29th – Preparation for Investigations  – Expert: Alfonso Bueno (This is identical with the session on July 1st to allow more people to participate)

July 1st – Preparation for Investigations  – Expert: Alfonso Bueno (This is identical with the session on June 28th to allow more people to participate)

The preparation of an investigation. What should you think about just before your investigation starts. (duration 2 h and 30 min)

July 13th – Investigations – Expert: Kevin Desprez

The investigation itself.

July 15th – Disqualifications – Expert: Kevin Desprez

After your investigation you gathered information. Depending on this information, will you disqualify a player?

July 20th – Digital Event Customer Service – Expert: Emilien Wild

Digital events are most likely here to stay. There are many differences between events in digital or physical environments. Customer service is one of them. How can we provide the best service.

July 22nd – Deviations – Expert: Steven Zwanger

The head judge may deviate…. We all read that sentence and maybe even made use of it. This is all about that. It’s not a how to.

July 27th – Enter the Arena III – Expert: Florian Horn

You think you know the rules? You think you know everything there is to know about things entering the battlefield? Maybe you missed something. Here we go really deep.

Foils? – How can I participate?

The discussion series is supported by Judge Academy, and all Judge Academy certified judges that are active participants in at least 2 sessions will receive foils. For active participants the use of a microphone is mandatory and using a webcam is encouraged.

It might be possible to join some of the seminars as a spectator. Spectators do not qualify for foils. The seminars you can just watch will be anounced closer to the event on the JudgeAcademy and the Europe Central Discord server.

How do the applications work?

To be able to manage applications to 7 (6 different) discussion sessions, the applications will be done through google forms exclusively:

You will be added to the event manually. Make sure there is a way to find you!

As there will be more applicants than there are spots, your application matters. If all things equal, European judges will be preferred.

The application will be open until June 16th and acceptance mails should be sent out by June 27th, with the acceptances for Alfonso’s seminars will go out before the others.

Any questions not answered?

You can send questions to locu[at]gmx[döt]de or find me on discord as Locu#1351


Hope to see you at the conference,


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