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Europe Central Policy and Philosophy Discussion Series

Game:Magic The Gathering
Region:Europe - Central
Date/Time (Europe/Berlin):Date(s) - 2020 Aug 27
07:30 pm - 09:30 pm
Date/Time (Europe/Berlin):Date(s) - 2020 Aug 27 - 2020 Oct 8
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Format:Not Applicable
Categories:Judge Conference
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What is the Policy and Philosophy Discussion Series?

The PPDS is a series aimed towards judges who are pretty familiar with the policy of competitive REL and want to understand the philosophy behind the policy better. It is also meant to be a discussion series where all participants take an active role and also prepare for the topic of the week. For each topic we will also have an expert on the topic who will be able to provide answers and deeper insight.

To make sure everyone is actually preparing, there are questions for each week’s topic, which will be also used to manage applications.

It will take place on the Europe Central Discord Server.

When are the sessions?

The sessions are scheduled to be each Thursday starting at 19.30 CEST (Berlin time) and we are aiming for about 2 hours each. They will take place on the Europe Central Discord Server: https://discord.gg/W6mdZyX

What is the schedule?

August 27th – Back Up Deep Dive – Controversial and Detailled – Expert: Kevin Desprez

September 3rd – When exactly is a trigger missed – Expert: Steven Zwanger

September 10th – Advanced HCE & Friends – Expert: Sergio Pérez Marcos – CHANGE IN SCHEDULE

September 17th – Outside Assistance as a judge – “Judge, Can I Spellskite…” – Expert: Carlos Ho

September 24th – USC minor/major – where is the line? – Expert: Emilien Wild – CHANGE IN SCHEDULE

October 1st – CPV – It’s never CPV, except when it is, so when is it? – Expert: Alfonso Bueno

October 8th – MTR 4.8 – Takesies-Backsies Discussions – Expert: Emilien Wild

Foils? – How can I participate?

The discussion series is supported by Judge Academy, and all Judge Academy certified judges that are active participants in at least 2 sessions will receive foils. For active participants the use of a microphone is mandatory and using a webcam is encouraged.

If you do not want to participate actively, but just listen, you can just join the discussion by coming to the Europe Central Discord server and get the conference spectator role in the welcome channel from our bot to watch and listen to the discussion. While spectating you can still ask questions through the moderator.

Do not let your level or number of tournament judged stop you from applying if you are interested in discussing policy!

How do the applications work?

To be able to manage applications to 7 different discussion sessions, the applications will be done through google forms exclusively. There are 3 forms in total

The discussion series is aimed towards EU Central judges in the first place, but open to applications from all judges.

Session 1 and 2: https://forms.gle/i4xeyQ94Phrtimpd8 – DEADLINE August 24th 20.00 CEST (Monday)

Session 3, 4, and 5: https://forms.gle/AraE9TiwXtHS3BJp7 – DEADLINE September 7th 20.00 CEST (Sunday)

Session 6 and 7: https://forms.gle/xrVpwhEwqeKXvrkB9 – DEADLINE September 20th 20.00 CEST (Sunday)

Any questions not answered?

You can send questions to locu[at]gmx[döt]de or find me on discord as Locu#1351




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