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Judge Conference

Welcome to the second Experimental Online Judge Conference!

This conference is open to attendees of any level from any region. The start time is 12:00 Eastern Time (16:00 UTC) and the conference will last until that evening. (The exact ending time will be determined once the presentation schedule is finalized.) You will not be required to stay for the length of the entire conference, and in fact I strongly encourage you to not exhaust yourself by staying for the whole time. You can pick which presentations interest you and skip the others.

This conference is foil-supported for attendees from all regions. Anyone in attendance who is certified as a judge with Judge Academy will receive a foil pack in the mail. (Level 3 judges receive an additional pack.) Uncertified people and Rules Advisors are welcome to attend, but will not receive foils. Constructive feedback on at least one presentation will be a requirement in order to receive those foils. Please also be sure to answer all of the questions when you apply. There is no attendance cap, but low-effort applications may be denied.

This conference will be hosted on Discord, so please make sure that you have a Discord account.

We have several wonderful presenters joining us. Our current lineup is as follows:

  • Tobi’s Bunny Bunanza, by Tobias Vyseri – Judge Trivia!
  • Enhance Magic on your Resume, by Kevin Desprez – You may think about Magic: The Judging as a hobby you enjoy, but it’s also an enlightening experience whose teachings that can become an asset when applying for a job. We’ll go through the process of identifying those teachings then regrouping them into meaningful-to-the-recruiter categories.
  • Investigations Workshop, by Eliana Rabinowitz and Sam Lewis
  • DQs, Dignity & Diplomacy, by George Gavrilita
  • Internet Rules Lawyering, by Jovy Eramela – An introduction to the “wheres” and “hows” of answering player questions online.
  • Tax Break “Even or Better” Strategies when Judging: Winning financially using the US Tax Code, by Mark Mason – In this introductory discussion you will discover how to take even moderate payment as a judge and turn it into a lifestyle defining set of economic benefits. (Please note, these strategies will BEST work for people who earn enough to do itemized deductions.)
  • Agile Team Leading, by Kevin Desprez – Earlier steps in Team Leading often revolve around micro-management. By controlling everything, this creates a feeling of security. However this feeling has a huge cost: A decreased experience for all actors, which is not necessarily compensated by extra efficiency. Agile is a theory that revolves around empowerment of others, and that is directly applicable to Magic Team Leading, and of course to other professional experiences.
  • Advanced Conflict & Stress Management, by George Gavrilita
  • Onions have layers. Magic has layers, by Bryan Spellman – Bryan Spellman takes us on a journey into layers. What are they? Why do they exist? Why are they important? How do I use them?
  • Replacement Effects, by Steven Zwanger
  • Copy Effects, by Steven Zwanger
  • CR 601: An In-Depth Review of Casting Spells, by Robert Hinrichsen – This is a deep dive into the rules governing the process of casting spells, as detailed in CR 601. It is aimed towards L1s going for L2, with the goal of helping them attain more thorough and rigorous understanding of exactly how and why the rules work the way they do, using illustrative examples and problem questions.
  • Should I investigate?, by Matteo Callegari – “Oh yeah, I would investigate. I would ask a couple of questions, I mean the right ones!” You have no idea of how many times I received this answer in panels or on the GP floor. Let’s start from real case scenarios and find out together which questions should we ask to cover the 3 Keys for any investigation!
  • Traveling on the Cheap: Using Your Other Cards, by TJ Porter – Learn how to us credit card rewards to save money on travel, letting you focus on judging or playing at your next major Magic event.
  • Public Speaking – Tips and Tricks, by Edward Mitchell
  • Confronting Bias in Players and Judges, by Alex Hopper
  • Triggered Abilities: Intro to Expert, by David Elden
  • Playing Better Magic 2.0, by Antonio H Zanutto
  • Measures of precautions and protection on tournaments during the epidemic, by Milorad Pavlović – How to protect yourself and others, and what to pay attention on if you are judging events.
  • MTG and Criminal Law: Judging Players and Playing Judge, by Amin Sadri – How is a player knowingly drawing an extra card during FNM and an accountant stealing their client’s money similar? It all might seem different, but there are far more things in common between those two than you might first think. Have you ever wanted to see what it might be like to examine the JAR and IPG from the perspective of criminal law? Then this is the presentation for you. Come do a deep dive that is less about what we do when someone breaks a rule and more about why we do it. Presented by an L1 who moonlights as a Public Defender, learn more about the rationale used as judges and how it mirrors some aspects of criminal law.
  • Judge Academy Updates and Q&A, by Nicolette Apraez – Ever wanted to ask the head of Judge Academy any questions? Now’s your chance!
  • The Impact and Legacy of Leadership: A discussion on what makes a good leader, by Baran Sasi
  • Premortem: How to Predict and Prevent Failure Modes, by Damon Sasi – A postmortem is what you do after someone dies to figure out what killed them; a premortem figures out what will, so you can prevent it. You know that thing you do when you’re playing against a Blue deck and you’re about to cast a spell, then realize they might counter it, and decide to wait until you can bait a counter out with another spell first? That same thought process can be used when you plan anything in life. I’m going to teach you how.

**As of September 26th presenter applications are closed.**

Many more presenters will be joining us as applications come in. If you’re interested in presenting, please apply using this google form. Each presenter receives an additional foil pack. This conference is going to have a large number of presenters covering a huge range of skills, so feel free to suggest weirder or more esoteric topics for your presentation. Interactive presentations are encouraged but not required. I’d like to have a nice mix of rules, policy, logistics, people skills, and other categories covered. If you’re applying to present, you still need to submit a normal application to attend with the button below. (If you don’t see a button, you’re probably not logged in to Judge Academy.)

For any questions about this event, please email the organizer at

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If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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