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Date(s) - 2021 Feb 28
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Judge Conference

Welcome to the Experimental Conference 3: The Ruling Class!

This conference is focused specifically on gaining a deeper understanding of the comprehensive rules. It’s open to attendees of any level from any region, and is not foil-supported for attendees. The presentation list is as follows:

  • Intro to Layers, by Tobias Vyseri
  • Advanced Layers, by Federico Verdini
  • Intro to Replacement Effects, by Charles Featherer
  • Advanced Replacement Effects, by David Elden
  • A Refresher on New Rules and Rules Changes Since the Pandemic, by Elaine Cao
  • An Alternative Approach to the CR: Events, by Daniel Lee
  • Why Rules and Policy, by Eliana Rabinowitz
  • Combat, by Alex Chernov
  • Two-Headed Giant, by Steven Zwanger
  • Multiplayer and Commander, by Braden Bowdish
  • Copy Effects, by Steven Zwanger
  • Alternative and Additional Costs, by Eli Meyer

The introductory presentations will be aimed towards L1s who want to gain a deeper understanding of the rules, perhaps in order to advance to L2. The advanced presentations will be serious dives into the CR intended for experienced L2s and L3s who are already decently familiar with the CR. No matter your experience level, there will be something for you to learn here.

All hard rules presentations will be interactive and engaging, with most including a small trivia game at the end. Participation in the trivia games is encouraged, but not mandatory. Prizes will include: bragging rights, large numbers on the screen next to your name, and knowing that you’re better than everyone else.

This conference is on February 28th and will begin at:

  • 9:00 Pacific Time
  • 12:00 Eastern Time
  • 18:00 Central European Time

Total runtime will be determined as the schedule is finalized, most likely on the order of 6 hours. You are not required to stay for the whole time, you’re welcome to attend any presentations that interest you and skip the others.

ThisĀ  conference is capped at 100 people, so please write a cover letter. Acceptances will be published on February 21st. If on February 21st we have fewer than 100 applicants, everyone will be accepted, and applications will remain open until the day of the conference or we reach 100 people.


We are no longer accepting additional presenters for this conference. If you’d like to present at one of my future conferences, or if you have any questions or concerns about this conference, please contact Isaac King. (Email address at the top of the page.)


See you there!

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