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Date/Time (America/Los_Angeles)
Date(s) - 2021 Jul 17
08:00 am - 11:00 pm

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Judge Conference

Welcome to the Experimental Conference 4! This conference is a bit more complex than most, so please read the entire description before applying.

In recent years, judging has become more commercialized. In many ways this is a good thing; as judges, we’re passionate about Magic and often put significant amounts of our lives into it. Receiving some form of recognition for our effort provides us with encouragement and makes it easier to continue. There have also been some downsides though. The idea that we shouldn’t do anything we’re not being paid for has become more prevalent, and some friendships and projects have fallen by the wayside as a result. With this conference, I wanted to try and rekindle some of the sense of community that we used to have. Most of our seminars are focused on community-related topics (see below for the list), and we’ll have some casual gaming and chatting as well. I believe we should also keep in mind how lucky we are that we have the time and means to engage with this game that we enjoy, and remember that there are many people less fortunate than ourselves. A shared commitment to donate $50 or more to a charity as part of participating in this conference is something we can all do to benefit those in need.


This conference is open to attendees of any level from any region, and is foil-supported for all L1+ attendees. (L3s get an additional pack.) There is a $50 USD minimum donation/entry fee for the conference. You are more than welcome to donate a greater amount if you so choose. Rules advisors and uncertified people may attend for free as spectators, and do not receive promos. I’m recommending the following five charities, which you can choose between:

  • Magikids – Getting kids interested in topics like probability and game design by teaching them to play Magic.
  • Giving Green – Researching and advocating for improvements to climate change policy.
  • New Incentives – Encourages vaccination efforts in vulnerable populations.
  • The Center for Election Science – Supporting grassroots movements to implement voting systems that better represent the population.
  • The Freedom Fund – Aids the fight against slavery by promoting anti-slavery laws and providing mental health treatment for survivors.

In order to make this process as hassle-free as possible for people around the globe, there are three ways you can handle your donation.

  • If you would like to sell your promos, Moose Loot has offered to purchase them. If you take this option, you can indicate that in your application. I’ll simply ship your promos directly to Moose Loot after the conference, they’ll take your entry fee out of the sale and then send you the remainder. (Or if you don’t want to deal with payment at all, you can have the rest donated as well.) You can message their Facebook page to discuss their buylist pricing and other details. (If you don’t use Facebook you can also email them, but Facebook will result in a faster response.) Additionally, Moose Loot has generously offered to donate 50% of their eventual future profits on those cards once they’re resold.
  • If you’d rather not sell your promos, you can send a donation directly to one of the 4 charities above. If you do this, please forward your receipt of donation to If you’re not comfortable with the charities above, you can also donate to a different charity of your choice. Non-recommended charities are subject to evaluation, and ones not in line with our values of inclusivity, compassion, and effectiveness will be rejected. If you have any concerns about the charity you’d like to support, please reach out to me before making your donation.
  • If you don’t want to deal with having to make a donation yourself, I can also accept payment via Paypal and donate on your behalf. In this case, when you apply, please send payment in USD via Paypal to “”. You must also include your Judge Academy account username (not display name) in the “notes” field of the payment so that I know who it’s from. You can also have an acquaintance can pay on your behalf. For example, if several people in a non-USA country want to avoid the international transaction fees, everyone can send $50 to a local person to act as a “hub”, and then that person can send combined payment. Any “hub” payments like this must include the usernames of each person the payment is covering in the Paypal notes.

If none of the options presented above will work for you, please contact me and I’ll work with you to find an alternative. I don’t want anyone to be prevented from attending for logistical reasons.


In order to accommodate attendees from all areas of the world, this conference will be divided into two segments. The first will begin at 8:00 Pacific Time (time zone conversion), and the second will begin at 20:00 Pacific Time (time zone conversion). Each segment will last 2-4 hours, with the exact length to be determined as the presentation schedule is finalized. In between the two conference segments, we’ll have a casual hangout with channels for playing Magic over Arena or Spelltable, story time, and just hanging out and chatting. We’ll also have a trivia game in this time period, and potentially some other scheduled activities.

Attendance at all presentations is not mandatory; you can pick which presentations interest you and skip the others. (One piece of constructive feedback for a presentation of your choice will be required.)

Our current list of presentations is as follows.

First session, 8:00 Pacific Time:

  • From JAR to Competitive REL, by Klaus Lassacher
  • Mentorship, by Anna Zielińska
  • Feedback, by Ivan Petkovic
  • Reversing Decisions, by Kevin Desprez
  • How to Deal with Mistakes, by Christian Gienger
  • Organizing Tournaments for Charity, by Wendel Lemos

Second session, 20:00 Pacific Time:

  • The Combat Phase, by Maria Alex Chernov
  • Self Evaluation, by Jonah Kellman
  • Project Hope, by Mark Mason
  • Feedback, by Joe Steet
  • Counting Cards, by Antonio Zanutto
  • Road to L2 From the Middle of Nowhere, by Marc DeArmond

And in between the two:

  • Tobi’s Bunny Bunanza, by Tobias Vyseri


We have one more presentation spot open, and are also looked for a few more people to organize friendly activities throughout the afternoon. If you’re interested in presenting or running an activity, please let me know as soon as possible. (You can either indicate this in your application or message me directly.) Presenters and staff members receive an additional promo pack and aren’t required to make a donation, although it’s still encouraged.


Additional notes:

  • It’s my current understanding that these donations are not eligible for tax refunds due to their status as a requirement in order to attend the conference and receive promos, at least in the United States. Please contact a tax professional if you have further questions about this, I am not one.
  • Once the conference is over I’ll be posting a spreadsheet of all donations (with names removed) so that anyone who wants to verify where money went can do so.
  • This conference is, as the title implies, an experiment. Some details may have to change to address unforeseen problems. If you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns about this event, please don’t hesitate to email me or message me on Facebook.


Due to a Judge Academy bug that can cause some application responses to get randomly deleted, information collection will be handled via this Google form instead. Please apply on Judge Academy with the button below (you don’t need to provide a cover letter), and also fill out the google form.

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