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Date(s) - 2020 Aug 08
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Judge Conference

This is a conference open to attendees and presenters of any level from any region. The focus is on experimental teaching methods and unconventional topics. Do you want to present on something that doesn’t often get presented on, run a judge-related trivia contest or game show, or try a kooky teaching style? You should apply to present! All presenters will receive 2 promo packs from Judge Academy.

Conventional topics such as rules and policy will also be included. The focus in these cases will be on tailoring the content to more advanced judges who may already be familiar with introductory-level presentations, and on making the content interactive and engaging rather than simply a dry lecture.

We may have prizes available for the game contestants, I’m waiting to hear back from Judge Academy about that.

Presentation lengths can vary, so if you want to briefly cover something short that only needs half an hour or launch into an in-depth 90 minute segment, feel free to submit those ideas in your application.

This conference will be hosted on Discord, with additional media used as needed for specific presentations.

The conference will begin at 11:00 Eastern Time on August 8th. Total runtime will be determined after I know how many presentations we’re going to have.

This application is for presenters only; the general attendee application is here. Presenter applications are submitted via the following google form. Please make a separate submission for each topic on which you are offering to present.

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