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“For the Love of Judging” a February Judge Conference

Game:Magic The Gathering
Additional Event URL: https://www.GetAheadJudge.com
Date/Time (America/New_York):Date(s) - 2021 Feb 13
09:00 am - 05:45 pm
Date/Time (America/New_York):Date(s) - 2021 Feb 13
9:00 am - 5:45 pm
Categories:Judge Conference

Hello Judges, are you ready to “Find Love”?

…then you’re invited to “For the Love of  Judging” a LEVEL UP conference online focused on those warm, fuzzy (and sometimes frustrating?) skills that make tournament organization and judging a professional expression.  Further, the goal will be to identify presenters who will focus on the type of judging and “gathering” we can do currently even in the midst of present levels of isolation.

What makes this event different from others?

In addition to having the specific focus on “Rekindling Our Love of Judging”, this event will be a “Love it” and “Leave it” event since it is not foil supported for attendees.  If you want to pop in for one specific topic…GREAT!  If you need to deal with life at home and opt out of a session…Please Do.

Also, this event will premier the “Rulesday Tuesday LIVE” Trivia/Quiz show.  Rulesday Tuesday has lived on Facebook as the only synchronous, pre-planed Rules and Policy discussion group for years, but even with the “Love React” the joy of that project has expanded into digital conferences.

Can you share some of the presenters or schedule with us now?

Absolutely, I’m exceedingly excited to share the details I can now and into the future.  All times are in the Eastern Time Zone. Let’s jump in.

You may have seen the videos! You may recognize the beard!  You may wonder how much of the interview will need to be bleeped out for any published replay…  …but setting all that aside, the day will start with…

9:00 am to 10:15 am – Is 2021 Your Year to be a Subject Matter Expert or to Work with an Established One
an Interview with Vince, the Pleasant Kenobi?

In this session, Vince will respond both to interview questions crafted by the interviewer(s), as well as, your questions at the end/typed in the chat room all about how you being the Judge you are means you may be perfectly suited to being a Subject Matter Expert on Youtube or other platforms.

Further, Vince will discuss how your Judging knowledge specifically can be your lead to connect with, collaborate with, or event forge an ongoing relationship with existing Magic the Gathering subject matter experts.


Following our visit from the other side of the pond with Vince, we go further “East” to connect with Shyam Bhardwa who for the Love of the Local Magic Player Base in Japan, Shyam innovated a number of creative ways to keep players engaged though isolation and lockdown.

Shyam promises that Attendees will learn:

  • Ideas and thought processes to create engaging events that can be held even in isolation
  • Considerations that are important to keep in mind whilst trying to plan inclusive events
  • How to approach and foster a sense of community within the player base during quarantine and without physical contact.

You can find the FULL schedule at www.GetAheadJudge.com

Mark, this sound really good…So what’s the catch?

While the presentation slots will be limited to ~6 with a back up presenter, I don’t want to limit participation in the global leadership/lovership conference.  And to keep it open to as many as possible, that makes having an event without foil support for attendees the most logistical sense.  But then again, you’re doing it “For the Love of It”, right?

So go ahead and apply to participate in this even, right now, while your browser is still open.  You’ll be glad you did

PS I will be using Zoom for the event, thanks to Nathaniel Graham.  Further, the trivia session may use a Discord server for greater participation.

If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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