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Date/Time (Asia/Bangkok)
Date(s) - 2022 May 15
10:00 am - 03:30 pm


Judge Conference

Hi everyone!!

Continuing from the success of our return to physical conference in Bangkok, we would like to hold another conference again in May to prepare all of us for the upcoming storm of events. With the announcement of Regional Championship and its qualifier tournaments, players are now very fired up to participate in events again. Additionally, many other OP programs like Game Day, Store Championship, APAC League, MTG Thailand League are also occurring simultaneously. It becomes very crucial for us all to be ready for these paper events again.

Everyone is welcomed to apply for this event, but please kindly note that we will prioritize local judges prospects first. There will be a max cap for this conference at 15 participants, including staffs.

• Mission:
1. Prepare judges to be familiar with logistics and operations that can happen during local tournaments
2. Update CR/IPG from Streets of New Capenna
3. Discuss and prepare the upcoming events, which also include effects from Organized Play Announcement

• Requirements for Support
To be eligible for conference support:
– You must be physically present at the conference for at least 75% of the presentation topics.
– You have to be vaccinated for COVID vaccines for at least 2 doses.
– You have to fill out a feedback form for at least one presentation topic.

• Expected Presentation Topic (but are not limited to):
These are the topics we are expecting to present during this conference in order to fulfill the goals we set:
1. Update CR/IPG from Streets of New Capenna
2. Mechanics and Interesting Cases from New Sets
3. Investigation Workshop
4. Going Deeper on Tournament Preparations
5. Discuss and prepare the upcoming events**

**Only a short session, not a long topic

The application for this event will be opened until 23:45 of 8th May 2022.

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If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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