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ID/SG/TH Innistrad: Midnight Hunt & Crimson Vow Policy Update

Game:Magic The Gathering
Region:Asia - Southeast
Date/Time (Asia/Singapore):Date(s) - 2021 Nov 27
02:30 pm - 06:30 pm
Date/Time (Asia/Singapore):Date(s) - 2021 Nov 27
2:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Format:Not Applicable
Categories:Judge Conference
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Hello everyone,

We are going to restart the Policy Updates this time via a JA supported Policy Update for both Innistrad sets of Midnight Hunt & Crimson Vow on 27th Nov 2021. The Policy Update will consist of 5 seminars and will run from 2.30pm to 6.40pm SGT or 1.30pm to 5.40pm BKT/JKT.

The platform will be via Zoom for presenters and will be live-streamed on Youtube, details will be communicated via email to the all participants.

Foil Support:
This conference will provide foil support to all attendees who are certified members of Judge Academy on or before the closing date of the event. The max capacity for this Policy Update is 50.

Make sure to submit the application on or before the deadline.

Note, that to be eligible an attendee must be able to attend 75% of the topics for that weekend with the Innistrad: Midnight Hunt & Crimson Vow Policy Update being compulsory.

And the attendee must submit at least one quality feedback, to be submitted by 4th Dec 2021, to be eligible for foil support. For detailed information, please refer to the Dungeon Foil Rewards thread in forums to understand the specific requirement for getting your foils.

For the cover letter, please just let us know who you are, why you would like to attend this event and what are the ruling questions you face from players at your LGS or playgroups?

If you’re from outside ID/SG/TH countries, please message us first before applying as priority will be given to judges in these countries.


For accepted adventurers who are unable to achieve the minimal standard of one quality feedback, passing the mini quiz and 75% of the seminars, you will not be awarded a conference foil packet but instead Wearn Chong, Founder of the SEA Region will gift you a gift of the Pain Artist for your dismal efforts.


Please do reach out for your respective country leaders for questions, they are also the point of contact for promo distribution.

For Singaporean Judges and other questions : CJ @ [email protected]

For Indonesian Judges: Maykel @ [email protected]

For Thai Judges: Tum @ [email protected]

Presentation schedule :

Welcome to Innistrad: Midnight Hunt & Crimson Vow Policy Update!
2.30pm-2.40pm SGT | 1.30pm-1.40pm BKT/JKT

“Quiz Questions and Answers Explanation: Dungeon Tests”
by Sadabpong Choonpicharn, Dean of Examinations
2.40pm-3.10pm SGT | 1.40pm-2.10pm BKT/JKT

“Welcome to Innistrad: Midnight Hunt & Crimson Vow”
by Tjong Wei Jia, Voldaren Noble
3.15pm-4.00pm SGT | 2.15pm-3.00pm BKT/JKT


“Cleaving and dissection of Blood”
by Shanin Paisalachpong, Markov Dreadknight
4.10pm-4.55pm SGT | 3.10pm-3.55pm BKT/JKT

“Transforming into Day and Night & DFCs”
by Arif Fauzi, Dire Strain
5.00pm-5.40pm SGT | 4.00pm-4.40pm BKT/JKT


“Common Pitfalls: Hidden Card Error”
by Riccardo Tessitori, Burgundy Lord
5.50pm-6.40pm SGT | 4.50pm-5.40pm BKT/JKT

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