January 2021 – Commander Legends EDH Boxing League

2021 Jan 3 - 2021 Jan 30 @ All Day

MTG: Commander


Date/Time (America/New York)
Date(s) - 2021 Jan 3 - 2021 Jan 30
All Day


Disclaimer: This is NOT an official event hosted by Judge Academy, rather, it is a gathering hosted by myself, a private individual, for my fellow judges. 

Hello fellow Judges!

My name is Liam V. and I’m an L1 Judge. I’ve hosted/staffed a few online events over the last couple of months for Scouting BSA, and I figured I’d take a shot at one for MTG. I’ve been watching the Commander RC and Co. Boxing League for the past several weeks, and thought that it would be a neat idea to try out. And I thought, who else to try out this awesome new way to play Commander than with some of my fellow Judges. Plus, let’s be honest. 2020 hasn’t been the kindest to us, and I feel like starting 2021 off with a fun EDH league would be awesome!

The rules and details are fairly simple and are elaborated in the two following links:

  • https://articles.starcitygames.com/premium/an-introduction-to-commander-booster-box-league/
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4OrXHAi3Uk

The rules changes we’re making for this event is that everyone’s starter box would be a box of Commander Legends. We are also only going to do only 4 packs a week, as I’ve seen some feedback from the previous league saying the introduction of new packs seemed a bit fast. You may pick from any standard or Core set that you wish for your weekly 4 packs. If you’re confused at this point, you should go back and click on the links. 😉

It is planned to run the boxing league weekly, for 4 weeks, starting January 3rd, 2021, and ending on January 30th, 2021. After that, the Discord will remain open for anyone to just jam games of their league decks. There is a cap at 16 people, so be wary of that when thinking about waiting to apply as applications will be on a ‘first-come, first-serve’ basis.

All the details during the event will go through a Discord server which a link for will be made available much closer to the event (Probably after the cut-off date, but before Christmas Eve, 12/24). Weekly matches will be posted in the Discord a few days before the start of the week to allow for scheduling with your group mates, and it would be up to your group to schedule the match and report results to me. (So Week 1’s matches would be posted before the New Year, and Week 2’s matches in the middle of Week 1, and so forth.) To promote social distancing, and well, distance play, matches will take place on SpellTable, and if you’re unfamiliar with that, check out the elective module in Skill Tree under “MTG Digital Events”, or just Google it too.

The winner(s) of the League will receive bragging rights, as JA only foil promo supports educational conferences.

Disclaimer: This is NOT an official event hosted by Judge Academy, rather, it is a gathering hosted by myself, a private individual, for my fellow judges. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at liam@vonalt.net

Otherwise, if this sounds exciting, then please apply! I look forward to seeing you all in January. Cheers!

(Cover Letter prompt: Why do YOU want to play in the League in 100 words or less)

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