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Date(s) - 2022 Jul 03
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Judge Conference

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Hey fellow judges


This is July 2022 South Carolina Judge Conference.

This will be a little different from the prior SC Judge conferences as it will be held over the course of a few nights.


Theme will be Comp REL Refresher.

Schedule is as follows:

All times are EST

Each night will have an intro at 1855.


July 3rd

1830 – Zoom Opens

1900 to 1955 – Returning to In Person Events by José Santiago Señeriz

2000 to 2055- Layers by Steven Zwanger


July 4th

1830 – Zoom Opens

1900 to 1955 – Answering the Call: differences between Competitive and Regular by Garrison Fogt

2000 to 2055- Explaining Rulings to Players by Isaac King


July 5th

1830 – Zoom Opens

1900 to 1955 – Unhiding HCE! Hidden Card Error by Mark Mason

2000 to 2055- Checkmate! Guide to Deck Checks by Charles Johnson


July 6th

1830 – Zoom Opens

1900 to 1955 – The Starting Line (Prep and Self care for Events) by Graydon Beadle

2000 to 2055- Using the JAR as a springboard for learning Comp REL by Bryan Prillaman

July 7th

1830 – Zoom Opens

1900 to 1955 – Baby got Backups by Bryan Spellman

2000 to 2055- Trigger Warning! Missed Triggers by Perry Kraker

2055- Closing


The conference is Judge Academy foil supported, to receive foil support:

-Must be accepted to July 2022 South Carolina Judge Conference

-Must be Judge Academy certified L1 or higher

-Must attend at least 4 presentations

-Name in Discord must match user’s names in Judge Academy and Zoom

-Will be required to fill out conference forms


This is aimed at South Carolina judges and South Region but all are invited to apply attendance cap is 90.

Attendance will be monitored thru names logged in to the Zoom during presentations and active participation


Cover letter is required to be accepted to the conference. Just tell me a little bit about yourself and what is something you’re excited for in this upcoming RCQ season.


The primary means of communication for the conference will be Discord but the presentations will be held on Zoom.


Still looking for possible Presenters if you’re interested in this conference or maybe for a future conference feel free to reach out via discord at andrewjbailey#1749 or email at

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If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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