Date/Time (America/Edmonton)
Date(s) - 2021 Jun 20
10:00 am - 05:00 pm


Judge Conference

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Welcome to the Third Canadian Regional Conference of 2021!

This conference is open to Canada and the USA only. Priority will be provided to Canadian Judges, however if there are spots remaining US judges will be added. If there is a huge demand for the conference I will contact Judge Academy and see about increasing the attendance cap or offering a second conference. The attendance cap is currently set to 100.

The conference is foil-supported and all foils will be shipped via plain white envelope. If you’d prefer tracking or a bubble mailer, I can do that if you pay for it.

Receiving Foils

In order to receive foils, you must attend all four presentation times within your chosen track and be a certified judge L1 and above. Exceptions to the attendance requirement can be given by a staff member. If you cannot attend the entire conference please let us know. Attendance will be tracked via Google attendance forms as well as presence in the Zoom as well Discord.

Conference Meeting Place

The conference will be run in Discord and Zoom. More details will be shared closer to the event


Presentations have a typical hour slot (45 minute presentation and 15 minutes for questions). Some presentations might have a longer slot due to their request

The presentation list is as follows:

10:00AM MST                                                                       WELCOME
10:15AM Deck Checks with Eliana Rabinowitz How to take a Judge Call with Elaine Cao
11:15AM                                                                   10 Minute Break
11:25AM How Cheaters Cheat with Jon Wilson Running Store Tournaments/Events with Niko Skartvedt
12:30PM                                                                      Lunch Break
1:00PM Backing Up Magic With Rob McKenzie, Patrick Cool, Erick Carlsted, and Andy Peterson Casting and Resolving Spells with Brandon Scyner
2:30PM                                                                   10 minute Break
2:40pm Modern horizons 2 Notes with Nathaniel Graham Local Game Stores and Judges with Nick Navratil
3:40PM                                                                      Closing Notes
4:00PM Commander Games over Discord/Spell Table

Conference date and Time

This conference is on Sunday June 20 2021 and will begin at:

10:00am Mountain Time

To check the time in your timezone please check the following link


Feedback is a gift and is not mandatory. If feedback is being provided your name will be provided to the presenter along with your feedback. We all love constructive feedback, so I encourage you all to provide some.

Cover Letters

Cover letters will be looked at. Please make them count. 

Why do you want to join this conference? What are you hoping to learn/get out of the conference? Etc.

Application Acceptance

Applications will be reviewed and accepted in late May/Early June. I would like to give ample opportunity for people to apply, see how much interest there is, etc. before accepting and/or declining anybody.

See you there!

Questions or Need Assistance

If you have any questions, need assistance, or would like to get ahold of the conference organizer please join the following discord server to ask your question or private message the organizer.

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If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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