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Date(s) - 2022 Feb 19
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Judge Conference

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About this event

Welcome to the application page for the Las Vegas community judge conference for the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty set release. This event will be Saturday, Feb. 19, 2022 – the day after the set’s print release – at a location and time to be announced in early January. The event will be in the Skybox room at Sporting Life Bar and Grill (7770 S Jones Blvd) starting at 4 p.m.

This in-person event has a cap of 12 attendees, and is limited to Judge Academy members in good standing from southern Nevada, northwestern Arizona, and southwestern Utah. US-West region judges will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Because of the attendance limit and nature of the event, we cannot accommodate digital-only participants of any kind. The goal of this event is to allow judges native to the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding areas to meet up and learn from one another in a semi-formal setting.

This is a Judge promo-supported event. All approved attendees will receive a packet. Applications will remain open until the day before the event.

This event will be operated in accordance with all COVID-19 restrictions and mandates as set out by the state of Nevada, Clark County, and the city in which the event is held

For questions about this conference, please contact John Hornberg on Facebook, Twitter, or via email through his profile on his website.

How to apply

Click on the application and fill it out fully, including a short cover letter. Applications that fail to answer the questions or provide a cover letter could be subject to rejection. If you would like to present at this conference, please check the box on the application for presenters and indicate which topic you would be interested in taking on.

If you have not renewed your Judge Academy membership, you can do so at

What’s happening at this event

Key card interactions from Neon Dynasty: Breaking down the new mechanics, Oracle text update, key rulings and interesting corner cases from the Neon Dynasty release. Presented by Henry Eichorn.

Recent rules updates: Update on major rules changes with regard to regular and competitive REL, including new policies and changes to key documents for events. Also, Presented by John Hornberg

State of in-person paper constructed play: An informal discussion updating where in-store and major open competitive play is heading, particularly in the Las Vegas area, and what it may mean for us as judges. Led by Chris Higashi.

A draft of the new set in planned for after the presentations.

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If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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