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Date(s) - 2021 Jul 18
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Judge Conference

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Have you ever gone to watch the latest season of a TV show you really like, but then realized that you were kinda busy last season and didn’t pay enough attention to what happened, and you might have missed some episodes?  H E L P… oh, thank goodness for the “last season on…” montage that catches you back up and gets you ready to enjoy a great season!  This conference is that, except for constructed Magic.  Many of us were not as engaged as usual in the past year (for perfectly reasonable reasons!), so many of us could use a refresher before events start back up in the fall and moving forward.

Unlike most conferences I’ve run in the past, this conference isn’t about something that I wished I had known as I was leveling up as a judge…  It is something that I know I can still benefit from now, and so can many other judges.

This conference is NOT FOIL SUPPORTED for attendees, but will be for presenters, and we’ve secured some excellent presenters to help us get back in constructed shape!  We will have presentations on:

Legacy by Brian Coval

Modern by Elliot Raff

Standard by Tobias Vyseri

Rules and Policy Updates by Isaac King

Schedule and platform is TBD.  Presentations will focus on the current state of these formats and what judges need to know to be prepared to judge them!

Apply here if you are interested in attending.  Barring extreme levels of interest, I plan to accept anyone who would like to attend this conference, but please try to “apply” as early as possible if you plan to attend so that I can make sure we have a good platform for the number of judges we have in attendance.

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