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Date/Time (America/Chicago)
Date(s) - 2022 Jul 16
11:00 am - 08:00 pm

MTG: Pioneer

In-Store Event

Get ready for the Magic Regional Qualifier with a Pioneer-format Store Championship on Saturday, July 16th!

Entry is $30, with at $400 in cash prizes plus unique stamped promos for top players!

For the July 2022 Store Championship, while supplies last, everyone who participates takes home Flame Slash. The top 8 players are awarded Archmage’s Charm. And the winner? They take home Dark Confidant.

Even better, WPN Premium stores like HobbyTown Lincoln will have their store name printed on the Top 8 and winner promo cards, making your victory there clear!

Date: Saturday, July 16th

Format: Pioneer

Registration start: 10am
Tournament Start: 11am
Rounds: Swiss rounds based on attendance, cut to Top 8
Rules enforcement: Competitive

Player cap: 80

Magic Companion code: RYWE25

-Additional prizes will be awarded to top players based on attendance!
Participation promo:

Top 8 promo (as a WPN Premium store, these will be inscribed with HobbyTown Lincoln!)

Champion promo (as a WPN Premium store, these will be inscribed with HobbyTown Lincoln!)

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For Competitive REL events, you will need to turn in a copy of your deck list at registration. is a great free web-based way to print your list ahead of time, or you can download a blank form at
Call time for judges is 10:30am, attire is judge blacks or similar.
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