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Judge Conference

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  • Introduction

Welcome back to physical events!

Hi! Thank you for your interest in this conference.

This is a Malaysian judges community centric local conference focusing on Return to Physical & Competitive Events!

The primary goals are:

#1: Community building – a reason for Malaysians judges to meet up physically, catch up and get to know the new members of the community. With the transition to Judge Academy happening just as COVID lockdowns happening, this is also a good opportunity for the community leaders who are more in touch with the new Judge Academy structure and policy to help guide members of the community who might be confused or could use a guide.

#2: Education – even for the most experienced judges, it has been a long time since there were high stakes competitive events in Malaysia. With the Regional Championships looming and Store Qualifier season in full swing, many judges will have their first Competitive REL event in a long time, and for some, for the first time. The conference’s educational goals aims to serve as a refresher course to Competitive REL events as well as judging physical events, with seminars and workshops aiming to address those targets specifically.

The conference will be held on the 13th of August 2022 (Saturday) from 2:00PM to 6:30PM (GMT+8) Malaysian time.

Applications are accepted until the 12th of August 2022 OR when we hit max capacity, whichever comes first but read below for more information about support, requirements and priorities.


  • Event Location

The conference will held at Cards and Hobbies –


  • Promo Support

This conference provides promotional support for JA Judges that attend the conference, in addition to the organizers and presenters. Members of the community without certification may attend if space is not an issue but will not receive promotional support.

For this, each presenter/organizer still receives a total of 2 promo packs, each basic attendee will receive 1 promo pack, and each L3 at the conference to receive 1 additional promo packet. As further recognition, presenters and organizers will also receive a previewed Judge Academy Promo. Those previewed promos will ONLY be available to conference staff and presenters until the 2022 End of Year Celebration conferences.

Everyone is welcome to apply and attend, however, Malaysian judges (or those residing in Malaysia) have priority. If you are chose to present, you will be given priority.

There will be a hard limit of 30 participants and please take note of the community focused environment that we want to cultivate for all attendees and therefore you might encounter Malaysian slang, Bahasa being spoken as well as a liberal use of “Manglish” or Malaysian English or Mangled English depending on your point of view.


  • Conference Topics

2:00PM – Start (Opening remarks)
2:10PM – Each session roughly 1 hour with 5-10 minutes breaks in between for washroom breaks

1 – “Presence and Awareness” – Part theater workshop, part judge seminar, this is a practical session about establishing your judge presence in a tournament setting, by Tan Zie Aun
2 – “Wear Comfy Shoes” – An introduction to judging competitive tournaments at your local game store, by Sashi Balakrishnan
3 – “Penalties Are Magic” by Alex Kuan
4 – “What, Why, When, Where And How” by Yew Yu Win

By or before 6:30PM – Closing remarks


  • Requirements for Support

To be eligible for conference support, you must show your active participation at all seminars.

We expect all attendees to respect the time the presenters has put in for your benefit, and will deny you promo support if we do not consider you an active participant:

  1. You are frequently browsing social media instead of paying attention to the seminar
  2. Visibly sleeping or otherwise not present through most of the seminar
  3. Constantly using text-messaging applications instead of paying attention to the seminar (within reason, please let us know if there’s a work or personal emergency to attend to)

(The list above is not fully exhaustive.)

There is no requirement to provide feedback. However you are still very encouraged to give constructive feedback to the staff, presenters and the venue.

When we are looking for a constructive feedback, we are looking for something of substance. We understand that this can be subjective so we’ve provided the following guidelines to help you:

If you ever feel that you are unsure whether or not you are able to write a constructive feedback, try answering these questions –

1. What is something specific that you observed?

2. What about it is good OR bad?

3. How does that make you feel?

4. How can that specific thing in (1) can be done better?

As you write your answers to these questions you’ll find yourself creating feedback. We look forward to reading it.


  • Presenter Application

Please email me at if you are interested to present.

Applications for presenters will be considered until [TBA].

Applications closed, thank you for your interest.


  • Questions?

If you have questions or enquiries please feel free to contact me through!

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If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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