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Date/Time (America/New_York)
Date(s) - 2022 Feb 26
11:00 am - 10:00 pm

MTG: Modern

In-Store Event

The Mavericks Cup is a  competitive MTG series at Mavericks Mason brought to you by Jet’s Pizza. For this event we are hosting a Modern $5,000. This event will be at most 8 rounds of swiss with a cut to Top 8. This event is held at competitive rules enforcement which means that players are held at a higher standard of play and decklists are required. For this event we will have 1 Head Judge, 1 Scorekeeper, and 2-4 Floor Judges.

Our head judge for this event is Stephen Brown (L2 in the Cincinnati area) if you have any questions for Stephen please direct them here:

Call time for judges is at 9:30, the store doors open at 10:00, and the players meeting is at 11:00

We currently have our Scorekeeper as well, which means at the moment we are looking for Floor Judges. Floor judges at the Mavericks Cup will be taking judge calls from players. They will be working under the event’s head judge who will be taking any appeals that a player makes after a floor judge makes their ruling. Floor judges at the Mavericks Cup may have to perform deck checks, pass out match slips, collect decklists, sort decklists, etc. Floor judges at Mavericks Cups have the option to judge a half shift for the event or judge who a whole shift. Floor judges are not required to stay for the top 8 matches. Judges will be required to wear a face mask during the event and some form of judge shirt (if you do not have a judge shirt you will be able to purchase or rent one from our store). Floor judges are paid $100 cash or $125 in store credit for a whole shift, $40 cash or $55 credit for a half shift. Pizza (for Lunch), snacks and drinks will also be provided for judges during the event.

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