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Date(s) - 2022 May 08
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Judge Conference

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Midwest Regional Online Judge Conference (2022-Q2)


The conference is a Judge Academy, foil-supported, event run on Zoom and Discord capped at 80 attendees. This is a six 30 minute presentation event. Data indicates that longer presentations lead to lower engagement and as a result a lack of absorption of knowledge. This format is an attempt to see how the shorter format presentations feel to the region as a whole in comparison to your typical length presentations. If this format receives positive feedback I will continue with this format or some variation thereof going forward when I am hosting the regional online conferences.  

Receiving Foils

In order to receive foils, you must attend all SIX presentation times and be a certified judge L1 and above. Exceptions to the attendance requirement can be given by a staff member. If you cannot attend the entire conference please let us know. Attendance will be tracked via Google feedback forms as well as your presence in the Zoom call. 


What is Judging to you – Clayton Householder
An overview of the three main types of ways that judges can be involved in the community, from large events, local events and by community participation.
Social Life of Judges – Stephen Hagan
A big part of Magic is the Gathering, and that goes for judges too. This brief discussion highlights some of the social issues you might run into as a judge, including judge FOMO, social media connections, and even dating.
How Does Phasing Work – David Elden
Once a fringe mechanic relegated to wacky old cards, phasing has made a comeback in a big way. Starting with EDH staple Teferi’s Protection and continuing to several cards peppered throughout the last few years worth of Standard sets, phasing is back, whether you’re ready or not!
Judging in a Second Language – Luna Borges
The intent of this presentation is to discuss judge-player and judge-judge interactions when language and cultural differences are in place. The target audience is judges who use English as their first language, new judges, and judges who are just coming back to judging after the past 2 years.
Your Brand as a Judge – Minh-Duc Vu
Presentation on how to make yourself stand out. Cultivating an identity and a specialty; and how it helps interactions with players, fellow judges and even TOs.
 TBD – Meg Baum


Start time: 9:00am  End time: 12:30pm Central Time
Time Event
8:00-8:50 Zoom open for networking
8:50-9:00 Introduction
9:00-930 Presentation 1
9:30-9:35 Break
9:35-10:05 Presentation 2
10:05-10:10 Break
10:10-10:40 Presentation 3
10:40-10:45 Break
10:45-11:15 Presentation 4
11:15-11:20 Break
11:20-11:50 Presentation 5
11:50-11:55 Break
11:55-12:25 Presentation 6

Contact Information

Please feel free to reach to me with any questions you may have.
Shawn Gadow –

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