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Date/Time (America/Chicago)
Date(s) - 2021 May 29
10:00 am - 07:00 pm

MTG: Modern

In-Store Event

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Recycled Entertainment is seeking 1 Floor Judge to help run our first Modern 1K event of 2021, to kick off the return of sanctioned events.

This event is an opportunity for judges to get experience running events, and to help players get back to playing competitive in-person Magic.

Registration: 10 AM

Start Time: 11 AM

All Judge staff should arrive no later than 10am day of event and in standard judge attire. If you don’t have standard judge attire, please mention it in your application.

Floor Judges will be compensated 150 dollars for the full event, paid in cash or equitable store credit at the conclusion of the event.

Food will also be provided for judges.

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