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Ottawa Judge Conference 2019

Game:Magic The Gathering
Date/Time (America/Winnipeg):Date(s) - 2019 Nov 03
All Day
Date/Time (America/Winnipeg):Date(s) - 2019 Nov 3
All Day
Format:Not Applicable
Categories:Judge Conference
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Hello and thank you for your interest in attending this year’s Judge Conference held on November 3rd (the day after the Face to Face Open) from at a time TBA

This conference is open to all certified judges as well as any judge candidates interested in coming over.


TBD. We are currently looking into getting a location in the Ottawa or Gatineau area. I will try to match people if with rides if needed


We are looking for 5 to 6 presenters to hold seminars that will be 45-60 minutes long. If you are interested in presenting a seminar, please mention it in your application with a subject proposal. All presentations must be in English.

Food and drinks

If possible, I will try to find a location for a judge dinner nearby


All L1+ judges who are certified by the day of the conference are eligible for a packet containing 4 Judge foils promos. Judges candidates do not qualifiy for these.

All L1+ judge attendees will be required to attend all the seminars as well as fill a Feedback form provided at the end of the Conference. Once all those prerequisites are met, our Regional Coordinator will mail the Conference judge foil packets a few weeks after the conference.

Cover Letter

When applying to attend this conference, please state what are you are looking to learn from this conference as well as specify a few subjects you would like to see us discuss if possible (Regular REL, Comp. Rel, community building, etc.)


L1 and L2 testing can be made available on location on request, specify it in your application before October 12

Accurate information is the responsibility of the tournament organizer for each of their respective events. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the organizer directly.


  1. Headshot

    Good day,

    I am attempting to find out how to apply for this conference. I am very new to the judge program (just completed all of the modules on this site) and I am still looking to find a Level 2+ to sponsor me.

    The reason I want to attend this conference is to get a better understanding of the judge program, meet new people in the area and to hopefully complete my L1 testing if it hasnt been completed by then.

    In terms of items I would like to learn at this conference, I am very interested in learning more about regular REL vs Comp REL, and (odd) issues that judges have come across at those events, as well as how they dealt with them.

    Thank you very much,
    Nick LaRone

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