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Date/Time (Europe/Paris)
Date(s) - 2021 Nov 28
All Day

MTG: Commander


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Hello fellow judges !

It is the biggest tournament organized each year in Rennes.

The format is the popular Duel Commander.

There will be 100 players, for 4 judges including the HJ we’re looking for.

Rules application will be competitive.

The compensation for the HJ will be a draft booster box of the most recent standard set (Crimson Vow at the time of the tournament) and an reimbursement of the travel expenses, accomodation can be provide if necessary.

Please mention in your application details about where you come from and if there is a need of accomodation.

We’re looking for an experienced profile, so we’ll mainly focus on L2 applications but we’ll study every application.

Knowledge of the format is a plus.

First round will start at 10, you’ll be expected at 9 at the place of the tournament.

We may ask for your cooperation to set up the venue.

Your shift end officially at the start of top 8, even if you’re welcome if you want to stay during this final phase of the tournament.

We’ll be operating the tournament with aetherhub, and we’ll collect digitally the decklist.

Thanks for your applications !

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