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Date/Time (America/Chicago)
Date(s) - 2021 Dec 05
02:00 pm - 08:00 pm


Judge Conference

Conference Mission
Self-development is an integral part of judging and that development can happen even while physically separated. For this conference, we invite you to join us in a cozy cabin style meet up as we share snacks, stories, and sessions throughout an afternoon of reconnecting with one another following over a year apart. After our breakout sessions, enjoy the Keynote: Reflections By the Fireside, then stay for the S’mores Social Hour to finish out an evening of being Snowed In at the Snow Inn.

Schedule – Sunday, December 5, 2021
We will meet discord and on Webex
Track and Session info will updated after presenter selections are finalized. 



  • 2:30pm- Share Your Snacks (chat, talk, connect, share what you are going to munch on during the event)
    2:45pm – Welcome and Opening Remarks
    3:00pm – Breakout 1 (see below)
    4:00pm – Breakout 2 (see below)
    5:00pm – Breakout 3 (see below)
    6:00pm – Keynote: Reflections By the Fireside with W Matt Williams
    7:00pm – S’mores Social HourTrack A – “Build A Snowman”
    3:00 Barriers to Communication — Graydon Beadle
    4:00 Intersectionality — Gabi Emerson
    5:00 Mental/Physical Health  — Case FustéTrack B – ” Snowball Fight”
    3:00 Learning the Magic Rules — Isaac King
    4:00 Rules and Policy Since the World Ended — Andrew Villarrubia
    5:00 Naughty or Spice? — Mark MasonTrack C – “Go for a Sleighride”
    3:00 Flesh and Blood Rules for Magic Judges — Amanda Coots
    4:00 Magikids! — Rob McKenszie
    5:00 Networking. No, not the One with Computers  — Amin SadriTrack D – “Snowshoeing”
    3:00 Accepting Defeat — Joshua Preston Walters4:00 Accepting Feedback — Bryan Prillaman
    5:00 Operations — Kyle Hilliar



Promotional Support
Foil support will follow the rules outlined by Judge Academy for End of Year conferences:

  • Promotional Support for these conferences is region-locked, and limited to one pack per attendee. This means that while organizers may choose to open up their conference to out-of-region attendees, those judges will not be eligible to receive promotional support for attending an out-of-region event.
  • Any exceptions to the above can only be made ahead of time at the discretion and with the permission/coordination of the organizers in both your region and the region you wish to attend, and may not result in an attendee receiving multiple sets of attendee support.

This conference is being organized by Bryan Spellman and Erin Leonard. Contact us directly with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.
Bryan – find on facebook or email
Erin – find on facebook or


The Inn has agreed to open early for guests to check-in. You may head over to the Discord starting today:

After checking in, you’ll want to check out the activities schedule in the #sunday-schedule channel, which contains links directly to the channels for each presentation. Session summaries are found in each session channel. Feel free to browse through them and plan which ones you’d like to attend.


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If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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