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Date(s) - 2021 Dec 18
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Hello everyone,

We are going to have one last 2021 SEA Year End Party Conference before the end of this year 2021 on December 18, 2021. There will 5 topics to be presented per day from approximately 1pm SGT/MYT/PHT to 6pm SGT/MYT or 12 noon BKT/JKT/PHT to 5pm BKT/JKT.

The platform used will be Zoom for presentations and Discord for chat and speech.

Closing Date for applications will be 12 Dec 2021 Sunday so do hurry to apply if you are interested!

Foil Support:
This conference will provide foil support to all attendees who are certified members of Judge Academy on or before the closing date of the event. The max capacity for the event is 150.

Make sure to submit the application on or before the deadline.

Note, that to be eligible an attendee must be able to attend 40% of the topics for that weekend. It is 2 out of 5.

Requirements/Restrictions for attendees:

  • Only SEA region attendees are going to be accepted due to logistical constrains.
  • Do refer to Nicolette’s Blog post for further information on this and the Judge Foils for this conference:

Additional Note:
Feedback is highly recommended but not mandatory for L1s and L2s.
However L3s will need to write at least 1 constructive feedback by 22nd Dec 2021 to be eligible for the bonus L3 pack.

Do divert your questions to the your respective country points.

Indonesia: Maykel Tan @

Philippines: Felix Capule @

Malaysia: QJ Wong @

Singapore: Chuanjie Seow @

Thailand: Sadabpong Choonpicharn @


Schedule: There are 4 seminars and a set of trivia games each presented by a presenter from each of our 5 countries

“Welcome to End of Year Conference!!!”
by SEA L3s
1pm-1.15pm SGT/MYT/PHT | 12pm-12.15pm BKT/JKT

“Comprehensive Rules 613: Layers”
by Sugeng Hartawan
1.15pm-2.15pm SGT/MYT/PHT | 12.15pm-12.15pm BKT/JKT

“Magic Trivia and Fun Part I”
by Sashi “Loco” Balakrishnan
2.15pm-2.30pm SGT/MYT/PHT | 1.15pm-1.30pm BKT/JKT

“Situational Judgement: Customer Service”
by Neo Kwok Siang
2.30pm-3.20pm SGT/MYT/PHT | 1.30pm-2.20pm BKT/JKT

“Magic Trivia and Fun Part II” with 5 mins break
by Sashi “Loco” Balakrishnan
3.20pm-3.40pm SGT/MYT/PHT | 2.20pm-2.40pm BKT/JKT

“Invaluable Judging: Magnifying the Importance of Judging to TO’s and Players without Face to Face Organized Play”
by Reuben Ferrer
3.40pm-4.30pm SGT/MYT/PHT | 2.40pm-3.30pm BKT/JKT

“Magic Trivia and Fun Part III”
by Sashi “Loco” Balakrishnan
4.30pm-4.45pm SGT/MYT/PHT | 3.30pm-3.45pm BKT/JKT

“Graveyard Mechanics”
by Lom Seunbane
4.45pm-5.35pm SGT/MYT/PHT | 3.45pm-4.35pm BKT/JKT

“Magic Trivia and Fun Part IV”
by Sashi “Loco” Balakrishnan
5.35pm-5.50pm SGT/MYT/PHT | 4.35pm-4.50pm BKT/JKT

“Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!”
by SEA Conference Organisers
5.50pm-6pm SGT/MYT/PHT | 4.50pm-5pm BKT/JKT


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If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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