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Date(s) - 2020 Aug 08
11:00 am - 05:00 pm

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Judge Conference

Welcome to the Experimental Online Judge Conference!

This is a conference open to attendees of any level from any region. The focus is on experimental teaching methods and unconventional topics. Any rules/policy presentations will be interactive and engaging rather than being just a dry lecture.

Another special feature of this conference is that, contrary to most conferences, you will not be required to stay for the length of the entire conference. You may pick and choose which presentations you’d like to attend and skip the others. (This does mean there are no foils for attending, but it’s not like you were applying just for those, right?)

This conference will be hosted on Discord, so please make sure that you have a Discord account.

The conference will begin at 11:00 Eastern Time on August 8th. Total runtime will be determined as the schedule is finalized. We will have several wonderful presenters of many different experience levels joining us. Our current lineup is as follows:


  • Choose-your-own Investigation, by Kevin Desprez
  • Investigations Workshop, Remote Edition, by Eliana Rabinowitz and Sam Lewis
  • How to give presentations: a presentation presentation, by Mark Johnson
  • Philosophy of Regular REL: or How I Learned to Love a 2 Page Document, by Charles Featherer
  • Playing better Magic, by Antonio Zanutto
  • Corner Cases and Why They Matter, by Brandon Scyner


In addition to these amazing topics, we will also have a trivia game!

“But wait!” You say. “Lots of conferences have trivia games. This isn’t special at all. This ‘unconventional’ conference is nothing but a sham!”

Well fine then. We’ll have two trivia games. Happy now?


  • Stroke of Genius (There’s an answer somewhere!), by Jamie Stone
  • Only Connect: Judge Edition, by Joe Klopchic


See you all there!

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