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The Magic eXPerience – Oakland

Game:Magic The Gathering
Region:USA - West
Location:Oakland Convention Center, 550 10th St, Oakland, CA
Additional Event URL: http://www.laughingdragonevents.com
For questions, contact:frank.stanley1090@gmail.com
Organizer Profile
Date/Time (America/Los_Angeles):Date(s) - 2023 Mar 31
09:00 am - 10:00 pm
Date/Time (America/Los_Angeles):Date(s) - 2023 Mar 31 - 2023 Apr 2
9:00 am - 10:00 pm
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NOTE: Applications for MXP will be done via Google Form. Applications only submitted through Judge Academy will not be considered.




Thank you for your interest in attending The Magic eXperience: Oakland (MXP Oakland), hosted by Laughing Dragon Events!

Event Info:

MXP Oakland is a three-day experience with community-driven events and a vast assortment of Magic: the Gathering-related activities. The event takes place on March 31st to April 2nd at the Oakland Convention Center.

The tentative schedule for the weekend includes the following:

  • Friday will consist of Competitive REL trials-style events for Saturday’s Modern Headliner event, plus Mystery Booster Sealed, On-Demand Events and Command Zone.
  • Saturday will feature day one of the $20k/4-Slot RCQ Modern Headliner (Rounds 1 – 8) and a Legacy Challenge 5K.
    • Travis Lauro will be head judge for the Modern Headliner.
    • A planned cEDH event is also in the works (details TBD). All Headliner and Challenge events will operate at Competitive REL.
  • Sunday, along with day two of the Modern Headliner, will include a Pioneer one-slot RCQ/5K.


Three-round scheduled side events for the weekend, along with On-Demand events and the Command Zone, include:

  • Booster Drafts each day.
  • All Paper Constructed formats: Standard, Modern, Pioneer, Legacy and Pauper.


Expectations of Staff:

  • Covid-19 Policy: As of the drafting of this document, we will require judges to present proof of vaccination prior to the event, per company policy. We are unable to require masks during the event, though usage is highly recommended. We reserve the right to change this policy per state or facility guidelines at any time. Laughing Dragon MTG will provide masks and hand sanitizer on-site.
  • Laughing Dragon Events will provide you with event shirts, passes and lanyards. Dark pants free of holes/wear and comfortable shoes will make up the rest of the uniform. We should be able to accommodate all shirt sizes.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate travel stipends at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. We are reserving a hotel block. Information to follow soon.


Compensation Per Day Staffed:

  • Team Leads: $250/day: Team leads will serve as the head and appeals judges for Side events/Challenges and the Command Zone. All Level 3 Judges and Level 2 Judges actively seeking advancement will be considered for Team Lead positions.
  • Floor Judges: $200/day: Floor Judges will work with the leads as floor judges for all events, as well as facilitate seatings and pairings for On-Demand Events. The goal is to provide Level 1s of all experience levels with knowledge and guidance in working with larger events.
  • Standby: If you are selected as standby staff, we will expect you to attend the event – you will be given free entry into one event if you are not ‘activated’ to be on staff. If you are activated, you will receive the compensation above; activation will depend on attendance numbers and staffing needs.


Cover Letter:

Please enter information on your recent judge experiences (yes, we know, Pandemic and probably not much), knowledge/experience with all the above listed formats, and if there’s a chance we haven’t worked with you (or simply don’t know you yet) – some references of judges you have worked with.  (L1s, who certified you, or who you trained with to ask about your experience, please)

Please include what days you’re available, what roles you’d like to apply for: Team Lead? Commander Zone Sheriff? ODE Juggler? We have multiple opportunities for team leads and sides in most every format!


Applications Close January 9th.

Accurate information is the responsibility of the tournament organizer for each of their respective events. If you have any questions or concerns please contact the organizer directly.