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Judge Conference

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UK Digital Conference #5

The next in the series of UK online digital conferences will take place on Sunday 20 March 2022. This conference is aimed at the UK and Europe-North judge communities, providing a half-day of content to help judges develop skills and meet in a (virtual) social environment. Judges from other regions are welcome to attend on a space-available basis.

Please read this entire page before applying.

Who is this conference for?

This conference is for judges located anywhere in the world who wish to refresh their knowledge and learn new skills.

Everyone who applied by the first-wave deadline of 25 February is entitled to acceptance; the remaining slots in the second-wave will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis.

When is this conference on?

The conference will take place from 13:00 (1pm) to 18:30 (6:30pm), London time, on Sunday 20 March 2022. The start time in select other timez0nes: 6am PDT, 9am EDT, 14:00 CET, 15:00 EET.

Please use your favourite time conversion website to work out the corresponding time in your location if it is not listed. Please particularly note that if you are located in North America, this event takes place when DST has started in North America and not in Europe, so the time difference will be an hour less than normal.

What will be covered at this conference?

We will offer four slots each with two presentations, which you will be freely able to select between on a session by session basis.

Here’s the schedule – all times are UK time.

Time Stream 1 Stream 2
13:00 Welcome
13:15 Big Event Logistics or When EventLink Goes Turbo
Will Roberts
Introducing new players to games
Harry Smith
14:25 Kamigawa Neon Dynasty rules &interactions
Charlotte Sable
Level 1 Recommendations
Imogen Lyford-Tilley
15:25 Coffee break
16:00 Learning to Help: The principles of developing others
Norman Ralph
Judging, Diet & Health
Dustin de Leeuw
17:10 Awareness of relationships at a ruling
Maverick Chamberlain
Competitive vs Regular REL
Tobias Vyseri


Where will this conference be held?

Anywhere! You can join the conference from any place with an internet connection, using Discord and Zoom. Previous conference experience has shown that it’s best to join from your desktop or laptop computer. Tablets mostly work as well, but joining from a mobile phone will give a severely degraded experience. If you’re taking part in the conference, go to this link to access the event Discord.

What are the different roles at the conference?

  • Organizer – That’s me (Thomas Ralph)! I’m responsible for ensuring everything goes as planned at the conference, finding staff and presenters, managing logistics, and arranging shipment of gifts.
  • Staff
    • On the day of the conference, be available ahead of and during the conference hours in order to provide assistance and answer questions by attendees
    • Be available by agreement for up to three 1-hour sessions in the evenings approaching the conference date in order to run tech tests
    • Assist the conference organiser with attendance checks and other tasks as required
    • Optional – We are looking for one EU-resident judge to receive and re-ship the judge gifts to other EU judges. This has an additional payment attached.
  • Presenters
    • Prepare a presentation on a Magic, judging, personal improvement, or related topic.
    • The presentation slot normally lasts 1 hour. We normally suggest allowing 45 minutes for the presentation and 15 minutes for interactive questions and answers; however, presenters are welcome to propose alternative structures.
      • We also will ask one of the presenters to be a standby. The standby presenter must be available throughout the entire conference and ready to step-in and present should a scheduled presenter become unavailable or experience technical issues. They will be paid in the same way as the other presenters whether called upon or not.
  • Attendees – attend and take part in the conference sessions – if they do, they receive a participation gift. Subject to maximum capacity.
  • Spectators – can watch any or all of the presentations. No commitment to attend a minimum amount, but will not receive participation gifts. You do not need to register or apply to be a spectator, simply join the Discord at on the day of the event.

Event timeline

  • Staff, presenter, and attendee applications opened: Now!
  • Staff and presenter applications closed: 15 February
  • Attendee applications first wave close: 25 February
  • First wave attendees sent invitations by: 27 February
  • Attendee applications second wave open: By 28 February
  • Schedule published by: 5 March
  • First wave attendees need to accept invitations by: 12 March
  • Attendee applications closed 12 March as the cap was reached.
  • Second wave acceptances were to be sent out by 17 March; these have now all been sent.
  • Conference date and address form opens: 20 March
  • Deadline to submit address form: 22 March

The staff and first wave attendee applications were by Google Form. This allowed us to capture additional information that the Judge Academy website interface does not support, and operate a prioritization scheme for in- and out-of-region applicants. These are now closed. Second wave applications were via this site and closed on 12 March.

If you will be completely away from email between 6-12 March or need to be accepted early for whatever reason, please mention this in your application.

Everyone who submitted a valid application by 12 March has been accepted, and has been sent an email. If you believe you have applied but have not received an email, or if you cannot view the event forum, email immediately.

Promotional cards

Judges with a current good-standing Judge Academy membership who participate in the conference will receive the then-current promotional cards offered by Judge Academy. We expect this to be one (1) each Greater Auramancy and Omniscience. The usual extras will also be sent in line with Judge Academy policy for level 3 judges, presenters, and staff. Applicable import fees including customs and taxes are payable by the recipient.

Judges who wish to combine shipping or purchase upgrades to tracked shipping will be able to do so via a form which will be sent after the event.

Following on from previous event feedback, we are delighted to be able to confirm that we will be able to offer an option to have your items shipped from the EU. We know that the additional friction, paperwork, and costs caused by Brexit were unwelcome and are very pleased to have secured a solution to this.

Attendance checks will be in operation.

Attendance cap

In line with Judge Academy policy and support for digital events, this event has an attendance cap. The organizers may at their discretion open the event to additional spectators who will not be treated as attendees for the purpose of receiving promotional cards.

To apply

Before applying, please ensure your profile is searchable on the Judge Academy website and you have set your profile to have your real name, country, and region visible. If you’re not sure whether your profile is searchable, we suggest asking a friend to search for you.

Applications for staff/presenter closed on 15 February and all applicants have been contacted. If you have not received details of the outcome of your application please email If you applied and were unsuccessful you still need to apply normally if you want to attend.

First wave applications were via Google Form and have now closed. Second wave applications were via this site and ran from 27 February to 12 March.

The conference privacy policy is available to read at

Please understand

Large digital events such as this depend on the staff being able to perform simple, scalable processes and treat everyone the same way. Anything that goes outside standard process and requires a manual intervention takes extra time and effort. Though this may seem trivial for a non-standard request that takes 3-5 minutes to handle, if 100 people ask for the same manual intervention, things rapidly spiral out of control. This adds very considerable workload and stress levels to an already extremely demanding task.

Therefore, please understand that we will not be able to, and please do not expect that we:

  • Go through special procedures to smooth the passage of items through customs, such as writing personal letters, incorrectly declaring items as gifts, etc.
  • Will send multiple reminders to people who forget/omit to respond to emails or fill out forms
  • Add/remove/reinstate/change people in the conference on the day of the conference
  • Confirm to you during the day that you have passed attendance checks
  • Communicate over PM rather than the dedicated help channel
  • Edit your mailing address after submission (most postal services offer a redirection facility for people who move house, or you can have your items shipped to a friend)
  • Ship cards via custom handling methods

Thank you for your understanding.

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If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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