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Date(s) - 2022 May 14
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Judge Conference

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Hello judges, and welcome to the application page for the US South Judge Skills Conference, set to take place on May 14, 2022.  Please note that all mentioned times are in Eastern Standard Time, and the event will be region locked.  Exceptions to the region lock will be given to presenters, and judges in other regions who feel they are well connected to the US South community.


This conference will be held online through zoom, and pre-conference communication, including the zoom link for the conference, will be handled through forum announcements posted on judge academy.


The schedule will be:


Conference welcome: (12:00 pm)

Presentation 1: Layers – Garrison Fogt (12:10 pm – 1:10 pm)

Presentation 2: Conflict Management – Bryan Spellman (1:25pm – 2:25 pm)

Break Time (2:25 pm – 2:55 pm)

Presentation 3: Pillar of the Community – Carleigh Young (2:55 pm – 3:55 pm)

Presentation 4: CREL Penalties – Erin Leonard (4:10 pm – 5:10 pm)

Final Remarks (5:15 pm)


Applications will be accepted up until May 13th at 5:00 pm EST, the day before the conference.  In your cover letter, write a little about yourself and why you would like to attend the conference.  If you are out of the US South region and feel you are well connected to the community and want to attend, please include why you believe you should be able to attend and what region you are from in your cover letter.


Foil Support will be available to conference attendees who are level 1 or higher, and will consist of one copy of “parallel lives” and one copy of “stranglehold”.  In order to receive support, all 4 presentations must be attended, as well as providing feedback on one presentation of your choice through a google form that will be provided.  Additional feedback may be provided on other presentations and will be appreciated.

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If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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