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Date(s) - 2021 Dec 18
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Judge Conference

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*Important notice! If you are not from the US West region normally and wish to attend this particular conference, you MUST communicate that to both the organizer of your regional conference you would normally participate/associate with AND one of the organizers for this event. Attendees for these special conference may only receive one packet total, so the organizers need to know ahead of time who will be handling the foil support. Thank you*

I, Kris Kleinsteuber, along with Ben Petrila, Lee Fisher, and Brian Clark, would all like to welcome those within the US West region to participate in an extra special end-of-the-year conference. Judge Academy has graciously gifted us with the ability to host a wonderful event for you all. We already have one special guest for you all: Sheldon Menery. He is host to one of the largest and most diverse communities within Magic, and the theme for the conference is Community. We all hope you’ll join us to hear what he has to say upon the topic.

We are looking for seven other presenters for this conference: six presentations covering either soft or hard skills and one backup presenter that has a topic covering a soft skill, a hard skill, and a topic on networking, community, or togetherness. We would like to inform those applying for these roles that we are heavily leaning towards accepting those within the region first, but we are open to new and exciting topics even if you are outside the US West region. Put your best foot forward! Applications for presenters close Nov 5th at 11:55 pm PST.
Presenter application form!

Date: December 18

Time/Structure (PST):
8:00-9:00 am: Enter Zoom and enjoy the space while we all gather
9:00-9:10: Introductions and move to breakout rooms
9:10-10:00: Soft Skill/Hard Skill 1
10:10-11:00: Soft Skill/Hard Skill 2
11:10-12:00 pm: Soft Skill/Hard Skill 3
12:10-1:00 pm: Join into one room and listen to Sheldon Menery discuss Community
1:00-1:10: Closing statements
1:10-2:00: Free time in the server to talk, enjoy each other’s company, or ask questions from presenters that stick around

The presentations and voice discussions will be hosted on Zoom. We are going to host the chat on Discord. Here is the link for that:
Discord link!
When you join the Discord, change your avatar name to your first and last name used on Judge Academy so you can receive upgraded permissions.

Foil support:
You need to be an L1 Judge Academy member in good standing by the date of the conference. You will need to at least be logged into Zoom under your recognized Judge Academy name (first and last) to watch the conference. If you wish to chat or interact outside of a presenter asking for voice participation, you will need to join the Discord sever. You will need to attend four topics in the conference. There will be an address form shared at the end of the conference. You will need to fill that out for the organizers to send you the foils. There will be options for upgraded shipping if that is requested, but you will have a free option available to you. If you happen to be an international attendee, we will need to work out shipping options personally. There will also be a feedback form that is optional, but give the gift of growth to the folks that present for this conference.

Applications close Dec 17 at 11:55 pm PST.


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If you are interested in applying for this event, please make sure you are logged in to do so.

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