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Date(s) - 2022 Jul 05
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Judge Conference

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We are looking for presenters for this conference. You can be from any region! The last day to apply to be a presenter will be May 16 at 11:59 pm PDT. Presenters will be chosen as far out as May 23rd. The theme of this conference is Comp REL to prepare judges to work the new RCQ’s. Apply with your best selection of topics made already or that you are willing to create. Some of the topics we want to see are:

Scorekeeping software walkthroughs (MTG Melee vs WEL)

Limited Tournament Rules and Procedure

Constructed Formats of the RCQ’s (Modern, Pioneer, Standard)

A cover-all on Game Play Errors or focus upon certain aspects of GPE

A coverall on Tournament Errors or focus upon certain aspects of TE

Unsporting Conduct

Tournament Logistics

I, Kris Kleinsteuber, and Niki Patterson would like to welcome you to the third US West weeknight conference! This time around we are shifting away from Regular REL/store-level logistics and turning our focus purely upon Comp REL (CREL). I want to state that attendees for the conference this time will only be for judges that reside in the USA (unless you are a presenter). We have 100 spots total, and there will be a focus on people with the US West region first.

The point of the conference is to prepare any and all judges that are wanting to work the RCQ’s in your area. If you have no interest in CREL, this will not be a conference of interest for you this time. I will be reading cover letters once again! Submit an empty one at your own risk.

As before, we are going to have multiple nights where you will get to choose which topics you want to view. Unlike last time, we have fewer nights due to the holiday on Monday. Sadly, that will limit some people, so please be aware of your schedules before you apply. You will need to attend at least four topics if you want credit! The nights are set to be July 5-July 7th, starting at 7 pm PDT until roughly 9:30 pm PDT.

This will be a foil supported conference! To gain credit you need to be an L1+ judge in good standing, attend four presentations (maybe attend them all?), be in the Discord server actively participating, and join the Zoom server. You will also need to fill out an address form to ship you the foils. There will be upgraded shipping options available. There will be an optional feedback form. The Discord server and Zoom link will be shared at a later time. We don’t know ANY of the promos for Q3 at this time. Once we have information upon that, I’ll update this portion.

To recap:

Date: July 5-7th, 7pm PDT-9:30 pm PDT

Where: US West Weeknight Judge Conference Discord and Zoom

(Slate of topics will be updated in this space later)

Requirements: be accepted to the conference, be an L1+ in good standing, attend 4+ topics, be in Discord and Zoom actively participating, and fill out the address form at the end

Optional: Feedback form

I look forward to seeing you all to prepare us for a great RCQ season! If you have read this far down, put your favorite CREL ruling you have given in your cover letter. If you have not judged any CREL events, explain in detail why you want to work your local events and what you hope to gain from that experience.

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