To help get you oriented with our site, here is a list of the major features available to you and an idea of how you may want to get started!

Judge Academy Courses

As mentioned in our mission statement, Judge Academy seeks to make the gaming environment a better place for players, judges, and organizers alike. We have worked with members from all around the gaming community to develop a curriculum that we feel helps prepare judges to make this vision a reality. Your first stop for this should be to click on Courses from the top menu bar.

The first page you’ll find here is an explanation of our curriculum and overall educational philosophy. If you are intrigued (and we hope you are!) you can find a further link to our complete course catalog.

After clicking, you’ll probably notice that our learning is structured in a visual format you may already be familiar with from many role-playing games – the talent tree. These structures are an excellent way to see where your learning is headed and track your progress towards your judging goals. The overall talent tree can be accessed from the Courses menu at the top of the page and used to navigate our full catalog, but a personalized version will also be located in your Judge Academy profile as you move through the curriculum.

Each talent hex represent a topic or feature important to judging. The modules are comprised of a video lesson delivered by a community member and a quiz to help solidify your knowledge of the material.

Your Profile Features

If you click on Profile from the website sidebar you’ll be taken to a series of pages representing your personal interaction with the Judge Academy site.

The first page you’ll see is your Public Profile – what other visitors to the site will see when they view your page. There is an ‘Edit Profile’ option at the bottom of the page which allows you to customize which information is displayed on this page. Privacy settings for your profile default to private. If you’d like some or all of your information to show up when Organizers and other judges search for judges in your area, make sure to update settings on the Privacy tab of your profile.

Should you decide to become a Judge Academy member, the Memberships tab will allow you to monitor the status of your subscription.

The Addresses and Payment Options tabs hold these respective pieces of information, which would normally be collected during the payment process for a subscription level. However, should you wish to change or manually enter these items you can do so from here as well.

You can set up personalized Notifications for many site actions from your Profile as well.

Finally, the Account Details tab will allow you to change your registered email address and password.

Events Manager

The Judge Academy Events Manager is your one-stop-shop for hosting, staffing, advertising, and attending events and conferences around the world!

  • Tournament Organizers – List your events and then use our Application features to find qualified Judges to make sure you event is a success.
  • Judges – Find events to apply your skills and join conferences to continually learn, grow, and connect with other Judges.
  • Players – Find a place to play and connect with your community.

If you are interested in being notified when new events are created in your area, you can set up specific alerts on your profile page under Notifications.

Conference Submission and Information

Judge Academy has big plans to support judge conferences and there are two major places to find more information about conferences on the site.

First, you can click on Conferences in the resources section to read more about the specific plans and support structures for conferences in the coming year. If you are an organizer and would like to submit a request for Judge Academy support for your event you can also find a link to the request form on that page.

If you would like to browse for conferences you may be interested in attending please see the Events link found in the sidebar.

Resources and Blog

The Resources section contains more information on how certification works, a further description which modules are required for each level, and a general (though not exhaustive) description of each level’s usual function.

Finally, the Judge Academy Blog is a great place to keep up to date with what’s going on with us, the site, and judging as a whole.

Judge Academy Forums

You’ll also find a link to the Judge Academy Forums in the menu bar. We hope that these communication channels will help you stay in touch with the judge community and foster beneficial and supportive conversation.

You can head here to ask and answer questions from your fellow judges, discuss game related news, rulings, or events, chat with other judges in your region, or simply to make some friends.