First Week Seminar Series Archive

The Judge Academy team invites you to a special event series on judging related topics throughout the first week of each month on our Twitch channel. Once a monthly First Week series has concluded, the recordings are uploaded here for judges to replay and enjoy at their leisure.

If your are looking for a schedule of upcoming live presentations, keep an eye on our Judge Academy social media pages. (Twitter, Facebook) If you are interested in presenting on a topic during a future First Week series, please submit your idea to us through the Contact form.

2022 Archive

Prereleases and Judge Gatherings with Matthew Fox

Judge Academy’s first First Week broadcast! Samantha Harr introduces Community Champion Matthew Fox to discuss Prereleases and Judge Gatherings.

Policy: Modules, Exams and Goals with Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee discusses Policy — Modules, Exams, and goals for the future!

Logistics: Experience and Online Learning with Jonah Kellman

Jonah Kellman talks logistics  and the differences between on-site experience and online learning.

RULES: Modules, Exams, and the Future with Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee talks about Rules – Modules, Exams, and goals for the future!

2022 conferences with nicolette apraez

Nicolette talks about Judge Academy’s plans for conferences in the coming year

international mentorship perspectives

Matthew Fox brings us mentoring perspectives from around the world: Elise Bouaziz, Felix Capule, Federico Donner, and Matteo Callegari have a round table discussion about mentoring and feedback.

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studying magic strategy

Jonah Kellman invites Kevin Desprez and Andrea Mengucci to discuss how player and judge perspectives can impact investigations.

Building a Tournament Series

Jonah Kellman invites Max Kahn and Norman Cohen from Nerd Rage Gaming to talk about their tournament series. The challenges involved, their successes, and what they hope to do in the future.

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The History of NetReps and official rulings

Daniel Lee, Scott Marshall, and Nathan Long discuss the history of NetReps and Official Rulings.

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Tournament Policy: Where are we going?

Daniel Lee and Scott Larabee discuss the past, present, and possible future for Tournament Policy in Magic.

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Making Fun of Tournaments (Mock Tournaments)

Champions Jonah and Daniel talk about Mock Tournaments and how they can benefit your community as a learning opportunity.

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Judge Writing Skills

Samantha Harr invites Level 2 Tobias Vyseri on to talk about ways to improve your writing as a judge.

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unsporting conduct

With the 2022 Premier Play announcement and the imminent return of in-store play Daniel Lee sits down with Level 3 Judge Eliana Rabinowitz to discuss Unsporting Conduct.

Replacement Effects

Daniel Lee and Steven Zwanger deep dive on replacement effects – unfortunately due to technical issues this broadcast was cut short about halfway through Steven’s presentation, we hope to have him back in the future so we can provide a complete video!

Running a Charity Event

Matthew Fox welcomes Level 3 Judge Joe Klopchic to discuss his experiences running the Hunter Burton Memorial and offers advice on how to make a charity event a success for your cause.

Logistics of Side Events

Jonah Kellman and Amanda Coots talk about side event logistics so you too can learn to control the chaos!

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Feedback Perspectives

Samantha Harr is joined by Isaac King to discuss different perspectives around feedback.

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Local Store Judging

Nicolette Apraez, Matthew Fox, and Samantha Harr talk about experiences judging in a local store and ways to improve your relationships with your LGS community.

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Commander Rules

Daniel Lee chats with Level 3 Judge Charlotte Sable about some interesting intricacies of the rules in the Commander format.

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Tournament Talk with Regional TOs

Jonah is joined by regional tournament organizers Magicsur, Yellow Rabbit, and Face to Face Games to discuss the 2022 Premier Play announcement.

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Policy Lessons From Paper Tournaments

Daniel Lee sits down with David Lyford-Tilley to talk about lessons in policy with the return to paper Magic in 2022.

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Tournament Controller in MTG Melee

Samantha Harr welcomes Jason Flatford from MTG Melee to walk us through how to use the clients tournament controller.

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Your First Large Event

Jonah sits down with Klaus Lassacher to share advice about attending your first large event as a judge.

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Philosophical Differences Between Regions

Samantha Harr talks with Alfonso Bueno about some of the philosophical differences in approach and judging throughout the world.

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Store Level Community Engagement

Samantha and Nat Graham talk about ways to engage more with your community at the store level.

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Imposter Syndrome and Personal Failures

Jonah Kellman is joined by Jessica Keller and Sara Mox to talk about overcoming imposter syndrome and learning from failure.

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Policy Scenarios from NRG Lansing

Daniel Lee chats with Antonio Zanutto about lessions learned at a recent Nerd Rage Gaming event.

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COVID and Organized Play - A 2022 Update

Matthew sits down with registered nurse and judge Erik Aliff to discuss COVID precautions and protocols in physical events.

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Combat Rules

Daniel Lee sits down with Michael Young to talk about what actually goes into turning those creatures sideways.

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Creating a Podcast

Gut out those Mugs of Phasing — Samantha Harr and Bryan Prillaman talk about starting your own judging podcast.

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Catching Up On Missed Triggers

Daniel Lee and Sam Lewis take time to walk us through Missed Trigger policy.

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Starting a Brand New LGS

Samma invites on Maddy Young to talk about her experiences opening a new Local Game Store.

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RCQ Formats: Big Picture

Brook Garder-Durbin talks about things to look out for at upcoming Regional Championship Qualifiers.

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Conference Sponsorship Updates

Samantha and Matthew talk about the most recent updates to Conference support policies and procedure.

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Transferrable Skills

Jonah sits with Christian Aguiliar to talk about the transferrable skills he’s taken to and from judging.

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Building a Judge Community

Community Champion Matthew invites in Philippe Sadde Monlevade to talk about their experiences building community in Brazil.

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Trans 101

Elaine Cao joins us to share a presentation about the challenges a transgender person may face in Magic and Judging.

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Optimizing Wizards Event Link

Jonah is joined by scorekeepers Aruna Prem and John Vorderbrueggen to talk about using Event Link and how to maximize your tournament experience with it.

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Policy - Current Events

Daniel Lee is joined by the artificer of the IPG, Toby Elliot, to discuss the direction of policy leading into 2022 and beyond.

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Rules LEssons From Across Games

Daniel is joined by Jeff Morrow, former judge and member of Slugfest Games working on Red Dragon Inn. They discuss what we can learn about rules from games outside of Magic.

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