MTG: Event Organizer Champion

Job Title: MTG Event Organizer Champion Location: Remote
Report To: Nicolette Apraez Position Type: Contract

Job Description

At Judge Academy, we believe gaming is important. Games change lives. Games connect people. Games build friendships. And, most importantly, games build communities.

A community can grow and evolve into something special for everyone who’s a part of it. But, just like a gaming community needs caring and thoughtful leaders (such as a JA Judge and Event Organizers) to help it grow, Judge Academy needs someone to champion the needs of those members facilitating organized play around the world.

Here’s where you come in!

If you ask an Event Organizer what players generally want out of an event, they are likely to respond with something like, “Everyone wants to come together and have fun”. They are motivated by a desire to help their community experience the Magic of a gaming event. As the MTG Event Organizer Champion, you’ll focus on the creation of content and programming to help guide members through the basics of organizing an event, what responsibilities a TO has, how to shape a welcoming and inclusive play environment, the roles that judges play in events, and how to go about gaining support and building momentum for their ideal level of player engagement.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Drive the vision for community and member engagement for among MTG Event Organizers
  • Follow processes and style guides, to create new content geared towards organizing events
  • Build relationships with external content creators and speakers to ensure production and event deadlines are met and new content is released on a regular basis
  • Create update quizzes and maintenance exams focused on any event policy or guideline changes
  • Attend weekly stand-up meetings for the Community Team, as well as a weekly 1-on-1 with your Community Team Leader
  • Handle general customer service, escalating issues when necessary
  • Brainstorm ideas for value-adds for Event Organizers

Qualifications and Skills

  • WPN Retail or other event organization experience or strong event logistics experience
  • Experience meeting deadlines and working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment
  • Experience in teaching, coaching, public speaking and following production schedules
  • Strong empathy for Tournament Organizers and their motivations, needs, and desires
  • Ability to self-manage and ask for help and support when needed

Applications including Resume and Cover Letter Accepted by emailing