As we continue to develop website content we will occasionally put out calls seeking the experience, knowledge, and skills of the judging community. Those calls will be listed here with all relevant information regarding details of the project, compensation, and important timeframes:


Part of going Global is acknowledging that we are a large and diverse community. A community where many judges to not speak English, and interact with Magic and their MTG/Judge communities primarily in another language. We are now ready to begin our localization efforts. We will start by translating the site, module scripts, and exam questions into Japanese, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. While this doesn’t cover every language, we hope that it covers most of the primary languages that judges use to interact with Magic. Once we have done those, and launched globally, and have a better idea of numbers, we will be looking at what other languages we may need to translate into to support (looking at you, Portuguese!) and will have subsequent call-outs as we go.

For now, we are still looking for Judges who are fluent enough with English and JAPANESE to help us with the translations, as we have assigned most of our others alreay. Our Scripts are approximately 2000-3000 words each, and we are paying $100 USD per script/for each language.

If you are interested in helping to translate learning materials for your fellow community members, please email us a