Judge Academy Press Releases

October 1, 2019 – Launch Press Release

For Release on

October 1, 2019

Contact: Kyle Knudson



Judge Academy Opens its Doors to the Gaming Community

“At Judge Academy we believe gaming is important. Games change lives. Games connect people. Games build friendships. And, most importantly, games build communities.”

Portland, OR – Judge Academy, a new company specializing in the support and accreditation of event staff, is proud to announce our program and website launch on October 1, 2019.

Judge Academy is partnering with leaders in the gaming industry, beginning with Wizards of the Coast to help bolster and grow the Judge community. Members of Judge Academy can be certified as Rules Advisors, Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 Judges. Learning modules on our site guide Judges on how to organize exceptional events, how to grow local vibrant and healthy gaming communities, how to adopt a service mindset, and more.

Recognizing the importance of both community and life-long learning, the Judge Academy website was designed to support and accentuate both. Our commitment to life-long learning is reflected in the nearly 30 learning modules available at launch, with many more coming soon. Lessons such as Being an Effective Host; Event Promotions; LGS Relations; Fostering a Positive Environment, and so on. While our commitment to community is reflected in the importance we place on Judge conferences, as well as the robust community tools on our site.

At launch, Judge Academy will be serving the United States, Canada, Japan, and most European countries; with additional countries coming soon.

We are excited to begin our adventure with partners such as Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight and UltraPro. And that’s just the beginning! Every adventure is better with traveling companions and we are just getting started. If you are a creator and interested in traveling with us, please email here.

JUNE 29, 2019 – Announcement Press Release

For Release on

June 29, 2019

Contact: Eric Reasoner

Title: Head of Business Development



Wizards of the Coast partners with Judge Academy

Portland, OR – Judge Academy, a new company focusing on the training and accreditation of event staff, is proud to announce our partnership with Wizards of the Coast. Judge Academy is a new initiative founded by Tim Shields, owner of Cascade Games LLC. The mission of Judge Academy is to train exceptional event staff for companies with organized play.

Members in the program will have access to tons of fun and informative lessons and content. As they increase their skills, they will acquire merit badges and ‘level up’, furthering their effectiveness in events and opening up new employment opportunities.

As a training and accreditation service, Judge Academy’s website will host a multitude of curricula ranging from soft skills such as conflict resolution, demoing, hosting, public speaking, and more; as well as brand-specific hard skills specific to publishers’ needs, such as rules knowledge, operating scorekeeping software, brand values, and more.

For over 25 years Tim Shields has been a leader in the gaming community, having organized scores of entertaining and innovative events, from Magic tournaments to convention experiences.  He enjoys an excellent reputation within both the Magic and table top communities, and is excited to be able to fuse those worlds by way of Judge Academy.

Sara Mox from Wizards of the Coast says – “There is no better steward for the Judge community than Tim. He identifies strongly with Judge values of self-improvement and inclusivity. This new organization offers an opportunity to bring clear leadership and direction for Magic Judges, and Wizards is committed to support its success as the community continues to grow.”

Judge Academy was born from a desire to elevate the experience for all participants in organized play – the creators, the organizers, the staff, and the players. We believe that amazing Judges are the key to excellent play experiences and are excited to help foster the community.

Current Magic Judges and individuals who wish to know more about Judge Academy, please visit our site here.

Companies that are interested in learning more, please email Eric Reasoner for more information.